Hundreds of Economic Migrants Dead in Shipwreck off Libya

Nobody forced them to get on those boats to sneak into another country, let the sharks have them.

Davy Jones’ Locker always has extra room.

At least 115 people are missing, feared drowned, after a boat carrying migrants sank off the coast of Libya, a navy official says.

Gen Ayoub Kacem said 134 people were rescued and a body recovered.

The boat was carrying some 250 people from a number of African and Arab countries when it sank 8km (five miles) from the coast, Gen Kacem said.

The UN’s refugee agency said it was the deadliest shipwreck in the Mediterranean so far this year.


I just love these feel-good human interest stories…


Yeah more “pity the poor lawbreaking invaders” bullshit from the media.

If these were White colonizers on their way to take over an African land SJWs would be celebrating this. Oh my, how the times have changed.

I’m not sure how ignorant you have to be to not know this could end badly, especially when most cannot swim.


I blame Live Aid for this mess.

They were criminals as far as I’m concerned. That’s 115 less criminals for the streets of Europe. Good.

We should.

  1. Tow them back to Africa.

  2. Burn the boats so they can’t be used again.

  3. Target the human smugglers with air strikes.

This would soon stop.

Italy is demanding the migrants be returned back to Libya if found at sea. As they should.

It is disturbing to see people who don’t know how to swim, without life jackets, packed on a boat that can capsize in a heartbeat.

I honestly wish people would just stay in their own countries and have the balls to fight for it to make it a better place.

And the people who encourage them to make these journeys, the people who make money on them should all be held accountable for the deaths.

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If we take away their means of escape perhaps they learn to solve their own problems at home.

As long as you can flee the violence and economic problems there’s no real impetus to solve anything.

Not exactly a shocker here, overloaded boats tend to sink especially those that are inflatable and tend to then leak.

They wouldn’t be dead if they stayed in their own countries and worked to improve them. Instead, they want to invade our countries and siphon our resources that were contributed and put in place for our people.

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‘Feared’ is not the right word. ‘Hopefully’ would have been a better choice. Typical BBC trash.

That isn’t necessarily true. They are fleeing starvation, disease, and murderous warlords and terrorist groups.

It takes blood to feed the trees of liberty.

It’s an emotional plea by emotionally driven people hoping to engender sympathy.