Human infrastructure bill gives illegal aliens $300 a month per child

The Biden Crime Family Administration appears to be dead set on bankrupting the USA. Their Human Infrastructure bill should do the trick.

Some illegals and Dreamers already get tax credits thanks to Obama’s 2017 tax reform bill. Dreamers collect based on their social security numbers. Families with an anchor baby collect on the SSN of the baby.

This new bill is said to provide the benefit to 11 million illegals that are already here.

When are poor Americans going to call
Their reps and say “hey, wtf is going on”??


Why are you remotely surprised? Thy gave illegals stimulus checks.

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As long as the poor continue to get money from the Governent they will say nothing.


Even culturally people from the Caribbean have destroyed traditional African American neighborhoods they are so divided that is causing violence… I just don’t think they understand how important it keep in common culture is for society to develop.

Did I claim to be? I’m not surprised by anything the Biden Crime Family does.

Perturbed? Yes.

Surprised? Not in the least bit.

Dude, we give billions of dollars to Israel every year with no complaints from you whatsoever….:thinking:

As long as the rich continue to get money from the government via subsidies, tax loop holes and no bid contracts they’ll not be complaining either…

It’s all welfare but as usual you guys are only concerned selectively….

It easy to see legal immigrants and hard working Americans are
seen as the cash cow these illegals that are criminals .

Sense you guys always try to get out of acknowledging the truth by claiming bias in the source. This isn’t some “left wing rag” as you people like to say, but an ultra conservative libertarian think tank….