HUGE MEDIA SCANDAL! Liberal Media Lies and OMITS 500+ WORDS from Transcript to Claim Trump Asked Zelensky to Investigate Biden — COMPLETELY FALSE!

Now if you are a conservative or perhaps you have a brain and know most of this story is manufactured, then you can probably also understand why the Trump haters are so fervently making ludicrous statements on how this is going to finally sink Trump to the point he is forced out of office. We are left wondering if these same left hating morons can really be that dumb to actually believe that any of the allegations being propagated by the news media as being true! Now we know why! Look no further to understand where their source of information is coming from! Take pity on our little leftists buddies for ignorance is truly bliss. As the saying goes, you can’t claim to be a purveyor of truth if you are consistently peddling the lies that suppresses it! It’s a downward slope for some, and for others who remain vigilant about knowing the facts, are usually the ones with the last laugh!

Courtesy to Gateway pundit on uncovering this story and putting together an excellent expose!


I read the transcript. I don’t see what 500+ words are so important. I think they’re covering the parts that matter for brevity. People need to get information quickly. They don’t have all day to sit around and read lengthy reports or listen to them recited verbatim.

You didn’t read it so stop lying! This is about media lying and distorting the facts like all you democrats do all the time! It’s the main reason why you and me can never have an honest conversation because you just blatantly lie all the time! You just lap up what media tells you then you repeat that same nonsense here! Try again because you are completely missing the entire point of the link that was provided in the OP!


I’ve read it. All 9 pages. It’s pretty damning and the Trump Administration is going to have a difficult time slithering out of this one. But I digress…

Your claim here is that the media is leaving out 500+ words for effect. Ok, tell me which words in particular. I’ll wait.

How about you read the fking words yourself instead of asking me to spoon feed you your answer? Don’t be lazy! Use your brain if you have one!

Also where in the transcript according to your twisted interpretation is pretty damning? I’ve read the same report and there is nothing there at all that can be considered an impeachable offense! I am a lawyer and do this for a living so if you want to go there, be my guest, because most legal experts agree with me than a layman like you who is holding out hope that there is a smoking gun somewhere to revive your dashed hopes of the failed Mueller report!


This is what shills do when they are scared.

CROWDSTRIKE is what they want us to skip over.

They are trying to distract us with hunting down words for them. Don’t fall for it.


Did you think the same when it was Project Veritas or was that (implied: intentionally deceptively) edited video?


Are the Liberal Dem Wing Nuts drinking the water from the Chesapeake to be this retarded??? There isn’t anything close in the transcript to dsmage Trump.
These LIBTARDS have been after Trump, the second he won the election.
Their microscope hasn’t found anything to impeach him.Now the Biden germ appears.
Biden acted like the rich father going to the school principals office about his spoiled bratty entitled son being picked on during reecess.

Refreshing to see some people who know what is actually going on! Kudos to you Ren! You are absolutely right and it’s fun watching the libbies here exposing their ignorance on a regular basis that it has gotten to the point it’s becoming a comedy! I don’t play word games don’t worry, just facts!

Again dealing and expecting a liberal to have any ounce of objectivity is like asking Hollywood elites to be intelligent! Neither is going to happen so your wasting your time!

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