How Will The Site Grow?

I noticed that new members now have to be invited. I can understand why this was done but will the site become stagnant?

Do you have to be a certain level of member before you can invite? I have searched my profile and settings and can find no option to invite someone.

I don’t know what the rules are, but hopefully it involves a status better than whatever Montecresto’s got


A good forum has a mix of opinions and political affiliations.

One thing that I’ve observed: whenever shills show up, they lots of love from Monte.

Do you want an echo chamber?

Fuck yourself with a hot soldering pencil


You don’t seem particularly interested in helping the site grow, so why pose the question in the first place?


I believe that long ago when the site originated, pre Political Bullpen moniker, an invitational format was in place. Am I wrong KVN?

We did fine then, we’ll do fine now. I trust our astute moderators.

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Because the site rules direct me to here to ask questions.

How do you gauge someones interest in helping the site grow? Is it connected to the amount of money someone donates?

Thats a mature response.

Appropriate for a shallow question not deserving of a serious response


The permissiveness toward leftist troll armies on other sites, led to those sites becoming sadly overrun. How much of that is due to getting advertisers I don’t know.

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…and that should be a lesson to all who prefer freedom from government oppression. PC permissiveness toward those who want to control you will lead to your being controlled by them. Freedom of speech is under attack in ALL VENUES.


I’ve noticed that you barely post here and then throw out some crap like this. Try harder to be less of an obvious concern shill.

Shill? Just because I like to observe?

And all I asked was a question. I got my response from a moderator and all is good.

This site, and any site benefits from different opinions. Name calling never helps, yet neither does purposeful provocation.

One form of provocation often used is the cherry picked ‘fact’. Citing a single aberration, or incident as signifying pervasive trends is provocation. BLM was founded on just that methodology.

Unfortunately the media engages in this 24/7; and since 90% of the media are left leaning (left toppling?) you see news presented as if the Dem. party were e-mailing it in to the networks - oh wait, they were (and likely still are). Coverage of Rayshard Brooks’ funeral- wall to wall; coverage of cops killed during riots - crickets.
I have posted plenty of times on Politico - and there are a few dozen shills that are likely trolls for mediamatters - the first order of business is typically to call me names tRumplicker, Trumptard, Republikkkan, etc. I enjoy debate, but not so much the hate filled responses, especially as they are almost always devoid of an actual argument.

How about we all endeavor to argue points, and do so as if you were sitting in front of the other person having a beer (no not your tenth beer :wink: ).


He’s one of the Hannity shills - lots of good info in the back channels on them .


I’m fine with that, but it’s also true that if you dish out insults, you need to take blowback. Montecresto is a perfect example of that - he calls everyone racists, bigots, dupes and then pretends to be hurt when it comes back at him. Phonies like that deserve no presumption of seriousness. I’m inclined to put toastedcheese in that category, too, but I’m not as familiar with his body of work here. It must be mostly forgettable.

I was unable to log in so assumed I’d been banned.


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Obviously you aren’t if you are posting here.