How to Stop Illegal Immigration


Asset Forfeiture

Same as drug dealers, bookies, pimps, and white collar criminals, if you’re earning an income by breaking the law, then all of your assets are considered ill-gotten gain and subject to criminal forfeiture.

If any one of the States passed a criminal asset forfeiture law for any illegal immigrant, it would strongly disincentive an immigrant to come here illegally, and the illegal population would plummet overnight.

If an illegal immigrant gets pulled over at a traffic stop, the local police can impound his car; just like they’d do to a drug dealer. Then go to his house and take all of his shit. Local law enforcement can fund their efforts by auctioning the houses, cars, flat screens and any other assets in the possession of someone working here illegally. Thus the beauty of this law is that it wouldn’t cost anything. We wouldn’t have to worry about deportation hearings, and detainment, and transportation out of the country. We simply remove the economic incentive to come here illegally. Let the municipal police and county sheriffs handle illegal immigration and give them an incentive, which is keeping the proceeds from the asset auctions.

Problem solved.


Most do not have shit , they come for what they can take . And secondly dems love them because they are easy to herd in their sanctuary Cities . Hell we have police departments and judges that REFUSE to call ICE !!! They have more rights than the average American today . We see Americans charged with some of the most ridiculous crimes because that law happens to be on the books , yet illegals rarely if ever get charged for entering our Country illegally and when caught they are released . And the taxpayer provide their FREE lawyer to boot !


I don’t have a solution to stop illegal immigration. I do have a solution to stop sanctuary cities and states from operating. It is two parted:

Deny federal funding to any state that allows the continuation of sanctuary in any form to illegal aliens in any area within its borders.

Arrest and prosecute any and all governors, mayors, police chiefs, church leaders, citizens and others who facilitate the sanctuary of illegal aliens in any form…including provision of any aid other than directions to the nearest ICE official.

Illegal entry is illegal. Sanctuary of an illegal alien is illegal.

Enforce the law!


I don’t know about that. Most of the ones who work have money for trucks or vans. They have apartments they go back to and all those apartments have stuff in them. Some of them even own businesses, rent out retail spaces, etc. They operate a lot of food trucks too. All of that stuff could be seized and sold off. I like this idea. Lock them up, take all their shit, sell it, then deport them.

If they happen to work they have false SS numbers and continue to break our laws , you try using a false SS card and you will be locked up so fast ! They send all their money home , most live in shacks or sleep in fields just take a trip to Miami and you will see 35 to 150 sleeping in grass fields . Most have less than $100 worth of property or cash and that would NOT cover the court cost !

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That;s why Trump needs to ban remittances to Mexico, Central America, and South America.

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Want to stop illegal immigration for real?

Instead of ICE cooperating with state and NGO’s when they are forced to release illegal immigrants into the communities, ICE should just release them without notice. Illegals should be released into the affluent areas of town where politicians and their wealthy donors live instead of greyhound stations or shelters. These types of releases should especially be done in sanctuary cities. Place the illegals into their backyards and force them to actually fix the problem.


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The main reason illegals come here is for jobs. If we create a culture of fear amongst businesses and illegals, we will stop the problem at its source.


This would likely face massive pushback from our anti-American, bought and paid for politicians and their corporate donors, but if massive, massive penalties for employing illegals could be put into place what option would illegals have to survive other than leaving or committing crime, getting caught, and being deported? This is all being allowed for profit on the Republican side and voters for the democrat side. Is there any way this could happen or do the corporations have our country in a complete stranglehold?

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The main problem is the anchor babies that collect welfare, housing, social programs etc. Even if you deport the parent and take everything they have, the kid will still be housed (rent control) somehow and still have access to public education (drain and overfilled classrooms). We need a law that says if the mother cannot prove she is is a legal citizen, the baby cannot have citizenship. She can always lie about the father so that is pointless.

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This would be challenged in the courts immediately and the challenge would be successful at least for first time offenders since it’s not even a felony.

Now the coyotes, gangs etc involved in trafficking in illegals it would work for.

Only if the parents choose to leave the child behind. Right now though as the law is, they cannot even be deported if they have children in the US.

Most of them have little other than a few changes of thrift shop clothes from the seventies, work boots, gloves, and maybe a few hand tools and whatever cash they need to make it to the next paycheck.

The majority of their other earnings are sent home via Western Union or some other type of Electronic means.

A law stopping such remittances going to anyone other than a US citizen abroad or at least a very heave tax on them could either remedy a lot of that or even pay for all of our border security and construction of the remaining sections of the wall still needing to be built.

Cut off or heavily tax that flow and you remove most of the incentive for them coming here in the first place and would take a massive chunk of cash out of the Mexican Economy. They are now getting more money from foreign remittances than from their oil industry.

A large percentage of them rely on working for cash and most of the rest have forged documents that allow them to work for free.

I’m all for E Verify expansion but it won’t stop much of this and you can’t punish employers that can show the illegals provided the required documents to work here legally.

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The obstructionist dems would fight that with every thing they could find . :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Excellent idea BUT that would be a tax the dems would find racist , sexist , homophobic , and any other PC label they could think of at that time . So that would finally be a tax the dems hate . :wink:

Here where I live the illegals typically live in housing that holds several people. There is one that is in charge of the house that drums up work, takes care of the necessary papers and collects the pay that will be divided out. A percentage of the earnings goes back to their home country.

According to Mexico’s central bank Mexicans, both legal and illegal sent back to Mexico in 2017 $26.1 billion from January to November 2017. There is our wall, tax that money at 10% and in no time at all we have us a nice big new wall. To make matters worse that is $26.1 billion that never made it’s way into our economy.

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^^^This :+1:

its sounds great in theory but that is all that it is, a theory.

Reality is, if you slap a tax on the remittance it just forces illegals to stay in the US longer and as long as the Peso is low there is no incentive to stop sending money whether it taxed or not.

Plus they will find alternative ways to ship the cash over and believe me some opportunist will take advantage of them as there are too many loopholes in the existing laws and regulations.

You can never stop illegal immigration but you can get a handle on it by securing the borders and by working with the Mexican government ( of course after they clean up their own house)

By helping the Mexico rebuild their economy and programs to encourage entrepreneurship and of course eliminate the Drug trade only then will Mexico will have a fighting chance to stop the illegal immigration flow.

The problem and Trump was absolutely correct during his campaign, the Mexicans are sending their best people here, they are sending the worst, the uneducated, the indigent, criminals and people on the lower economic pole.

If there was a brain drain of talent coming from Mexico ( mind you they would come here legally) is one thing, allowing indigent people and some looking to take advantage of the generous welfare system like the economic migrants are doing in Sweden is bad, and don’t look now but Sweden has started deporting economic migrants who are abusing their system.

Why is the left okay with Sweden deporting the liars and cheats but frown on Trump when he wants to do the same?

Hmm, “The Hate Tax”. Catchy huh?