How to get woke on the Jewish Question by reading one little article

In WWII, the death total for the US and Britain was less than 1 million

while for Germany, Austria (and ethnic Germans), 7 million
and the Soviet Union staggering 26 million

All these countries are losers and they had nothing to gain.

WWII is a terrible crime.

Cui bono?
Israel gained independence and a life-time guarantee from Britain and the US.


When you are winning and not fighting on your own soil you tend to have far fewer casualties.

Wars are won when you destroy the enemy’s means and desire to fight on. You do that by killing them in huge numbers and destroying everything they rely on for survival and support.

They gained freedom from Hitler and Fascism.

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Probably that flag means ■■■■ control America.
How sad.

You absolutely pulled that one out of your ass.

You can win a battle but lose a war.
After all, wars are nothing more than an extension of politics.

America lost to communists in Vietnam despite advanced weaponry and military victories.
Russia lost to Japan despite military victories on the continent in 1905

It’s your invention (and wishful thinking)

I invented nothing here, simply stating facts.

Your fact: Christians have to bow to ■■■■ no matter whatever crimes they commit.

My fact: The crimes of ■■■■ have to be exposed so that humanity can live in peace and harmony

What the hell is that supposed to even mean. The two are in no way connected and your BS ■■■ hate has no place among Christians.

All you do is spread fabricated Anti Semitic/Anti Israeli hate that isn’t supported by any fact.

That violates the ten commandments in every way possible.

Shabbos goy philosophy: Serve ■■■■ as a ticket to Heaven.

Too bad it’s a ticket straight to Hell

More of your completely made up BS with absolutely no basis in fact.

You WILL see, whether you like it or not

Is that what the voices in your head have been telling you lately? Do they also tell you to do bad things to pets and people?

The voices in my head say: Beware of shabbos goys and Judas goats

I wonder if these ring-dings have ever met a Fundamentalist Christian, (dispensationalism is basically a dead theology at this point).

I grew up with a not-quite-97-pound Schofield Reference Bible as my main study guide. I read the Bible, not so much the commentary; the cross-references were helpful.

From that endless drivel it apparent that you have no clue what modern conservative Christians believe, and worse, that you are alienating the last core of Conservatism.

Maybe that is what you want…?


The term “Judeo-Christian”:

■■■■ say it’s meaningless, because Christ had nothing to do with the teachings of Judaism.

Eustace Mullins said the term is meaningless (because the departure point of Christ is denial of Judaic or parasitic mindset)

The term has nothing to do with teaching either Judaism or Christianity.

You are out of your damned mind.

FDR was a ■■■ and LBJ a crypto-■■■ who had a hand in the JFK murder. No wonder they love the term.

John 8:44…