How to get out of quicksand

From what I heard, you move your legs as if you’re swimming in water, like flutter kicks.

This video tells you to get the legs out, but doesn’t say what you do next.


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Try this:

Good pointer. I’ll try it as soon as possible.


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I live in Jurassic Park a suburb of Hollyweird


No, you lean back and forth, side to side twisting so you can break the suction slowly freeing one leg at a time.

Anything else just draws you deeper in.

Sounds to me like you go deeper and deeper.

The whole process you describe might work, if somebody is pulling you out at the same time.

It does work, we’ve had too do it with people, horses, and cattle. In my part of the world quicksand is a reality we have to deal with fairly frequently.

What he’s swimming his way out of isn’t even quicksand, it’s just a mud hole they threw some sand over.

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This seems to make sense.

Get on your back and "swim. " If you sink up to your hips or higher, bend backward. The more you spread out your weight, the harder it will be to sink. Float on your back while you slowly and carefully extricate your legs. Once your legs are free you can inch yourself to safety by using your arms to slowly and smoothly propel yourself backward with your arms in a sweeping motion, as if you were swimming. When you get near the edge of the quicksand, you can roll to hard ground.[5]

You can’t do that till you break the suction and get on top of the quicksand.

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I agree. That whole thing was poorly staged.

These assholes don’t actually put themselves at risk for the TV spots and I doubt he’s ever actually been in quicksand.

It’s more like very thin concrete than that thin mud they no doubt created for the scene by digging a hole and filling it with water then covering the top with just enough sand to make it look “real” to the naive.

I will gladly believe you, only if you ever spoke any truth about Palestine.

This is monomania. You are obsessed. even a Quicksand thread is polluted.


Way to derail your own thread! Proof positive you suffer from OCD bipolar syndrome!

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I’m questioning the credibility of the source.

Unlike you, I don’t swallow mass media narratives hook line and sinker.
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