How To Find Ammo During The Ammo Shortage

Hey Patriots! Recently I have been hearing a lot from my friends about ammo shortages due to of course recent discourse in various regions across the country. Anyway, I saw this and want to post this in hopes it is good advice for those out on the prowl for ammo. Stock up!

Any Americans having ammo shortages? Check out this video if you are as there is some good common advice given about what to look for price wise and how to find it, and where not to buy!

I stocked up back in March when COVID kicked off. Bought 1000s of rounds in multiple calibers. I’m sure plenty of others did the same.

Would is and should be the going price for a box of 9mm? I assuming that is the most common

Now - it’s like $50 bucks a box in most places for a box of 50.

Dam! That is more than double the price! Crap! Better to have your own bullet molds and casting. That is why I save all my casings. Not too long ago it was going for around $15.00 a box.

9MM is very hard to find ! Some prices were $34.99 for 50 hollow points and they only had two boxes left . You can get 380 rounds for about $18.99 for 50, but 9mm are rare to find .

I have been hearing a lot about that lately too. The guy in the video said its probably a good idea to have three different calibers to shop for. Which in essence makes sense in case you short on one you make up for it with another.

You are able to find 380 at most gun shops and sporting goods like Cabelas , Bass Pro , and local gun shops but unless you are present when a shipment comes in you will NOT find 9mm rounds .

9mm is the most common, including the police forces that use it. I say its better investing in a casting set-up and making your own. Cheaper too.

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Cheaper than Dirt has some in stock but it is CRAZY expensive.

What is the going price these days? What about powder?

Between 50 and 60 a box. Insane.

Wow! I also heard after the election and when things die down that there will continue to be a shortage for quite some time, so people better prepare for the new normal.

I’m wondering if this is from people stocking up or just a reduction in manufacturing due to COVID.

Is it true I can have a black power gun in Massachusetts with a felony but I can’t posses the gun powered?

I don’t know know about Massachusetts’s gun laws, but if such a precedent existed for the state then it wouldn’t surprise me. Some of the laws I have read about there are insane.

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