How the Left Will Eliminate Meaningful Elections If Democrats Win

How the Left Will Eliminate Meaningful Elections If Democrats Win

" . . . . they would make sure that no election ever again mattered. So what could they do to ensure that no election down the road’s ever gonna matter? That essentially there was no way they could lose the next election?

Well, there’s any number of things they can do. Let’s say — and these are not out of the realm of possibility. Let’s say they win the White House in this upcoming election, and let’s say they win the Senate. That means they would have it all. And with John Roberts at the Supreme Court, they would have all three branches. And how we gonna win in four years? What are they gonna do in the next four years to make sure that what we do is irrelevant? Well, grant statehood to Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. Four brand-new Democrat senators.

Next thing they will do is get rid of the filibuster in the Senate, which means say good-bye to needing 60 votes to do anything. All you need is 51. So four now permanent Democrat senators from D.C. The Republicans don’t exist there. And two permanent senators from Puerto Rico. The Republicans doesn’t exist there. Added to whatever number they’re gonna have, minus the filibuster, and they run the Senate.

That means that whatever the president wants or whoever’s running the country just go to the Senate and have it rubber-stamped, go to the House, have it rubber-stamped. Nothing the Republicans can do to stop it. So get rid of the filibuster, which means the Senate is no different than the House of Representatives. Fifty-one votes there, simple majority will accomplish whatever they want.

Then they’re gonna Stack the Supreme Court. They can do it. Congress structures the court. The Democrat Congress, Republican Congress can add to the number of Supreme Court justices anytime they want. FDR tried to pack the court back in the thirties and got caught doing it. Nobody was in favor of it back then. A different country. But let’s say we go from nine to 13 or 14 justices. And if they win this the election, every new justice is gonna be a liberal Democrat.

Now, you can say good-bye to the Republicans ever prevailing in a Supreme Court decision. Then they start appointing justice or judges to the district courts as they come up, and there’s not a thing the Republicans can do to stop the takeover of the judiciary, which is already well underway. So they’ve just essentially locked up for four years everything this government’s gonna do; and so the next time there’s a presidential election in four years, it’s not gonna matter. Just like whoever runs for governor on the Republican side in California, it doesn’t matter.

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And I’m just telling you, the sooner they can figure out how they can get what they want without elections — and the only way they can do it is violence, intimidation, or cheating — they will do it. Right now they are attempting to win elections without winning broad public support. Now, some of you might say, “Rush, I’m not sure that’s right. I see Biden campaigning.” No, you don’t.

How many of you can tell me what the hell the guy’s for? He just denounced everything that the Bernie Sanders agenda’s all about. He just denounced the Green New Deal. He just denounced a bunch of things that he had to promise to support in order to get the nomination. The Democrats have never been up front and honest about what their agenda really is. It’s only in the past couple years of Trump when they’ve been driven insane that they’re being somewhat forthcoming about who they are and what they believe in.

They’re living in the illusion that more and more Americans are starting to agree with them because more and more Americans they think hate Trump. And along the way they’re taking for granted the black vote’s gonna be there, the Hispanic vote, minority vote, women’s vote, taken for granted it’s all gonna be there. But there’s no question that they resent the electoral process. It’s beneath them. I’m speaking psychologically here, folks.

It’s all about knowing who anybody is. And how do I know? I listen to them. I watch ’em. It’s abundantly clear. They do not like America. They do not like the democratic process. They resent it. It’s beneath them. Their ideas, such as they are, are all that matter. And if you don’t agree with them, too bad. You can’t stop ’em. You’re nobody.

Open your eyes and see where this nation stands. Glenn has been warning America of coming danger for decades, and everything is coming together NOW. We MUST start taking people — particularly the left — at their word. We must STOP believing the radical left aren’t the most dangerous entity our free republic has ever faced. Because Joe Biden is nothing more than a meat puppet for them, and if you think Biden will call the shots in the White House or keep the socialists at bay, you’re sorely mistaken. We MUST vote in mass this November, or else, we don’t have a chance of saving the republic anymore.



Funny it turns out to be the Republican Party plan….:roll_eyes:


Americans did vote in mass and the republic was saved….

Montecrusty! The dumbest mtherfker here! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Liberals basically killed the West with diversity.

Every nice city they brought diversity into - they ruined.

And in my view - that was what they wanted.

They knew it was going to fail. They pushed it on purpose to destroy us.

But they are professional liars and they’ll still do these lines about “equality” or whatever.

As if anybody buys that shit anymore.

Conservatives to Whites:
“We are all just Americans. Race doesn’t matter. The only colors that matter are red white and blue. Stop dividing us by race.”

Conservatives to blacks:
“We love our black conservatives! Trump did more for blacks than Obama! $500 billion platinum plan for blacks! Blacks for Trump!”

Lmao, now that’s pretty funny….:joy:

Sounds like “conservatives” are defeatists and have failed….

Have you seen Baltimore? Lol

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