How Russians and Syrians eliminated ISIS (US and Israeli proxy

ISIS was created by Israel and US for the Greater Israel Plan.
Sorry, the buck stopped there and ISIS was eliminated (to the chagrin of the shabbos goy States)

More baseless, insane, conspiracy nut lies and drivel.

Of course, considering the source this is all we can expect.

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fact remains that Zionists and Zionist proxies are losing the battle in all fields

No, that isn’t even remotely related to anything factual or based in reality.

Why do you feel the need to lie constantly? Have you sought help?

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ISS was created by the Israeli Mossad and CIA.

Well there’s a pillar of credibility for you. HA!

Thanks, I needed a laugh.

Read your own citatiion you idiot, not even Assange supports your insane, completely baselwss conspiracy theory.

Well @Didgevillage, certainly the Islamic State, Israel and the US had the common goal of toppling the Syrian government. And Russia, Iran and to a lesser degree China, together frustrated those plans.

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The destabilization of Syria is part of the Greater Israel Plan.
Iran knows that it will be the next target for Israel’s proxies, namely the US and Saudi.
China is a mixed bag of various interests, but it certainly will hate destabilized Xinjiang.

You certainly can expect all shabbos goys to go along with the Zionist claims, true or false.

And an ambition of many Americans for many decades.

More BS from you, none of which you can support with any verifiable fact from any reliable or credible source.

Same shit, different day.

Well no kidding, Assad Sr. was a butcher, Assad Jr was welcomed into power and supported by Obama and Hillary.

Assad Jr has proven to be far more of a butcher than his father ever was.

There are some damned tough YPG women fighters that might take issue with the nuttery in the the OP.

Kind of like many of the vipers, particularly the old world vipers and coral snakes.

Beautiful but deadly.

The OP I doubt would last fifteen minutes in Kurdistan if he spoke there like he does from the safety of the asylum.

The YPG would love being told that they had no role in the defeat of ISIS.

The Brit SAS might also want to chime in.

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