How quick is Biden going to get us in a war with North Korea? Killing thousands of kids

Biden can’t handle foreign relations. All he knows is to send young kids to die for his ineptitude. Soon as Kim throws a stone, Biden will get a bunch of kids killed.
Consequences of Democrats cheating

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No. Given North Korea is a puppet state of China, there won’t be a war with either of them.

But China is itching to take over Taiwan, and Biden will allow it without activating the US military.

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Who knows whether or not China attempts to move on Taiwan during the Biden administration, and who knows how Biden would respond if they did. But Taiwan is not the United States and it’s not our business…

The Taiwan Relations Act does not guarantee the USA will intervene militarily if the PRC attacks or invades Taiwan…

And there will be plenty of us Americans protesting if he did decide to activate the military…

I agree. Much like Crimea happened under Obama.


No way , Kim is going to test the corps of Biden, god help us if the bj queen is president… cheating has consequences

I think it’s more likely that The International Globalists who will be giving Biden/Harris their orders will demand they start a war with Russia and not North Korea.

Because Russia refuses to hand over all the Russian assets - oil, natural minerals and the whole of Siberia with it’s massive fresh water lakes and massive natural mineral resources - The International Globalists HATE Russia and Putin. This is the reason why they have had their Blackmailed and/or Bribed politicians and the MSM going after Russia and the reason we have Russia being blamed for everything that happens.

If Putin would have rolled over like that fat alcoholic Yeltsin did and just let The International Globalists steal off Russia they would WORSHIP Putin, but Putin stood up to them and defended Russia and her assets and because of this they want a war with Russia which they hope Russia loses and then The International Globalists can just walk in and take over Russia.

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It’s debatable if Biden can even shower and shave and make a cup of coffee without having assistance, that angry hateful and crazy demented old man should be in a nursing home.


Because the essence of Russia is Christian.
The natural resources are not crucial since the globalists have got them all already.

Yeltsin was not only corrupt and alcoholic. His intention was to sell all of Russia’s assets for a song to the west and Joosih oligarchs. Most of his advisors came from the west. (He had no royalty to Russia and the Russian people. His real name was Baruch Elia, if it means anything.).


Well yes that’s another reason why they hate Russia.

Oh yes it means something, it’s always that ilk either running these things or dictating terms to that ilks multiple Puppet leaders in Western nations. Look at the demonisation of Trump and Trump supporters, it’s 98% all of that ilk doing it, you only have to look at the names, it’s not rocket science, it’s right in front of you.

All this shit about China being behind it all, I see NO Chinese names, all I see is a TON of that ilk’s names, people should take the blinkers off about that ilk, they are not our friends they never were, they are of their father The Devil, they are The Great Deceivers just like their father, the biggest clue is the Anti-Christian Agenda they have forced, what group HATES Christianity, what group DENIES Jesus Christ is The ONLY Messiah? Hint: It’s NOT the Chinese and it’s NOT the Muslims, there is ONLY one group in HISTORY who has HATED Christianity and DENIED Jesus Christ is The ONLY Messiah.

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Biden has already declared otherwise, but I’ll remind or inform you that the US has no obligation to defend Taiwan………

Biden is not the commander-in-chief.

He was not even allowed into the Pentagon.

Biden is the CIC and 46th president of the United States….

Illegitimate one, yes.

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And a giant too. LOL

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Not according to US law and the vast majority of Americans….:wink:

Yes, Joe Biden is a giant of a man………

Sure he is lol

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It’s fantastic that you’d even want to live in a country as screwed up as you THINK it is….

Only 13% of the counties voted for Biden. Just sayin

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He won by a margin of 7 million. Oh he’s very much the CIC and president. Trump is the one sitting at home pining away……