How Much Prison Time Should a Woman Get for Walking Around Topless in Her Own House?

This is some crazy stupid shit. This woman apparently walked around her own house in Utah without a top on after sunbathing in her backyard. Her stepkids were home ages 9, 10 and 13 and were supposedly “exposed” to the sight of breasts several times.

How long should “uncovered tits at home” get a woman in terms of prison time? What would the sentence be if she felt like walking around naked?


How many illegals are in Utah? Maybe law enforcement should worry about getting rid of illegal invaders who are destroying this country before wasting their time on a woman who feels like having her tits out at home. Who cares?

Apparently no one in Utah has ever been to a beach, pool, or sauna anywhere in Europe.

How much harm did this actually cause the children. I hope the parents explained to them about the human body.
The court may force her to put the children into therapy because of the " alleged " trauma she caused them to have.
She should receive ZERO time.

Now. Reconcile that with

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So much for personal liberty in the land of the free.

Why does everyone get so torqued up over boobs? It’s kinda weird when you think about it. They have a specific use and function and every woman has them. It’s completely natural and normal. maybe my view of things is a little different since my Mom is from Austria and I spent many summers there where this sort of thing is quite normal.

This is what happens when Republicans are in control.

She is doing in Mormon territory, what the Libs and Leftists are doing in America.

Pushing the boundaries of accepted behavior.

I dont NECESSARILY agree with her being prosecuted except on the following basis:

They are right to protect their culture and likely will not suffer the problems the rest of America and the West is suffering.

If America had been as careful about protecting OUR values, the country would not be in the situation we are now in.

If the UK had been as careful about maintaining it’s values, that country would not be in the situation it is now in.

Like it or not, that is what protecting a culture looks like on the front line.

What about if someone defecated in your driveway?

Would that be okay?

This is where those with looser standards get upset when those with stricter standards maintain those standards.

In a way it would be like telling the New England Patriots they shouldnt do the things which make them successful because a less successful team finds the Pat’s practice regimen different or too strict for their taste.

If I could, I would have Europe copy Utah’s standards instead of Utah copying Europe’s standards.

Europe is a mess because of their standards.

One thing about Utah, as I lived there for a year many, many years ago, is they have some of the strangest laws. For example:

They don’t call a bar a Bar but a counter top. The taps for draft beer are fake as waiters have to go in the back and pour your drink.

Kegs of beer are also illegal. A lot of people cross the state line and travel to Wyoming to buy Kegs and then smuggle it back. Its illegal, but people do it all the time and the cops make busts all the time too.

You can’t purchase liqueur at a regular store, as all alcohol purchases with a higher proof content are all sold at state run liqueur stores.

Any beer sold at convenience stores is referred to as “nearbeer” as its alcohol content is really weak and one probably has to drink a whole case of it to get a buzz.

Anyway, this law is just dumb, and is the result of Mormon puritanical nonsense.

Mr.Bergis NASCAR prank phone call

Here, Mr. Bergis objects to Blacks invading NASCAR.

‘Can’t White people have one GD thing without Black people coming in to **** it all up?’

Same difference, yes?

Theirs is the higher standard.

Ours is the lower standard.

Babalu, you’re wrong about my opinion. The youngest at 9 is old enough to know womens breasts function. There must have a tremendous amount of trauma for the children. My God !!! Breasts. This is a state living in Puritanical New England. Its not about loose or tight standards but about government interfering with a families conduct. Let them install insulation and see how fast clothes come off.
Who would live in a NO FUN state like Utah other self rightious Mormons.
Incentives should be given to CALIFORNIANS to move there and reduce this nonsense.

Well, I guess the pedophiles and child molesters will be DROOLING and MASTERBATING watching 11 yr old girls walking topless.

A state government, reflecting the values and wishes of it’s residents, creates and enforces laws to maintain a certain quality of life for their constituents.

And for doing so you would sic the Leftists on them?