How much is a BILLION?



Numbers seem unfathomable to most people hence 22 trillion in debt is just words and most have no concept as to how large a trillion is.

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I belive a billion is 1/22000 of the amount wasted on the Failed War on Poverty. I did it off the top of my head, but I think it’s 1/22000 of 22 trillion.

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A billion nanoseconds is a second.

And a billion snowflakes would elect a worldwide socialist government, if we let them.


okay that was funny

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Class 8 Stupid: a form of Stupid so profound that it threatens the survival of not just civilizations but of whole species or a world.

I rate the Snowflake / Woke crowd pooped out by the Cultural Marxist as a mid class 8. They lack the ability to threaten more than just existence on this planet so human beings cannot be substantively more Stupid than the Left has already achieved.