How many lies has jisssssbag 617 told on this site

  1. Fighting in several Countries with a months span .
  2. Dating several SUPER models .
  3. Coping others post and claiming them .
  4. Altering posts and lying about it later .
  5. His claim not to be gay .
  6. His claim to be conservative .
  7. His claim not to be a demoRAT plant .
  8. bullshit claim he was On Fox news
  9. bullshit claim of a national podcast
  10. Having multiple FAKE accounts to get a goofy reply . :rofl: :rofl:
  11. Welshing on a bet , F-ing cheater . And his favorite team is the cheating NE patriots . :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:
  12. unable to spell cheat . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Feel free to add to the list …

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I think I’ll just stay out of this and let the rest of you play. :joy:

Feel free to join me on my nation wide pod cast this Wednesday. Prove it

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Best to just ignore Jit the Zit and maybe it will go away.

Lying about appearing on Fox News or lying about being some kind of celebrity?

Or lying about a nations podcast. Then again anyone can put a podcast on the internet and call it national with 2 people listening.

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I already posted the picture from the producers lol

That wasn’t a picture nor was it proof. Anybody could have produced a silly letter with a general switch board number!

As Soul Patrol once said, you really go off the deep end with telling such stories and your fake account of your alter ego you continue to push. The question is who are you trying to impress here? No one believe your stories or your excuses!

Seek therapy!


It was a picture, it was proof, I provided the phone number and name of the producer that invited me on as a guest.
You sound jealous… not a good look

Very good !!! It appears all of us know what a phony jissssbutt is . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


How about not honoring their bets and then making up a bullshit reason?

Gay “J” the choking Gizzard named Jizzard has no integrity let alone failing to pass himself off to being a good human being!

Read it all here in this thread!

The internet never forgets!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


We checked and you were not on the schedule roster of guests that was suppose to appear by the name of Jason Warren. Like always just another outrageous lie like the many others you like to tell here.

We know you never served in the Military and we also know you don’t work in security services and date super models. All you are is a middle age fat slob pizza maker! TRUTH!


Definitely was, was interviewed by Brian killmeade.

You sound a little jealous.

No weren’t liar!

You are an embarrassment to this place in which was founded by Vets and you are not one of us!


You’re a liar. Take a hike loser

You’re a liar. Take a hike loser

You see, when one resorts to name calling and gets defensive its an admission of guilt!

You are a retarded sock puppet!

I had a great time on Fox News, was also on the front Page of the herald, was on bar stool sports.

We can easily settle this by answering some basic questions about your so called military service. I am sure you won’t though because you would be afraid of being exposed yet again by another lie you are trying to sell here.

Quote me on military service… thanks

Yeah? What branch of the Military did you serve in?