How Low Can You Go, France? Congolese Migrant Raped 92 Year Old Woman

Another fake refugee makes the news by raping a 92 year old bed ridden women in a medical clinic. I have read that a certain minority of Sub Saharan Africans believe that by having sexual relations with a very old lady would rid them of AIDS. It seems that France is the perfect place to try out this idea.

Shockingly about the same time another fake refugee murdered his landlord who had help him with his emigration application.

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You can take the primitive out of the jungle; but you can’t take the jungle out of the primitive.


I believe all the leaders of civilized countries, who allow this tsunami of ( so called ) immigrants to flood their countries, should simply line up once a week, and let these knuckle draggers just punch them square in the face.

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Europe will be destroyed by these feral animals.

It will only get worse and worse.

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QUESTION: Of all the countries that are being swamped by these primitives, how many of these countries allow legal citizens to arm themselves. I personally believe that’s America’s saving grace


a redeeming quality or characteristic.

You know; Better to have the gun & not need it, than to need the gun & not have it.

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It has already been destroyed!

I remember when France was a beautiful country, slow, steady, peaceful, civilised. If you’re 30 or under you have no idea what you’ve lost.


What the fuck happened to Europe and Europeans after WWII? It seems like they did a 360. Everything is the opposite of what it used to be.

Easy. Over 30-40 million good white men were sent to their deaths, while the weak, inferior, and degenerates stayed home and kept reproducing. They (US included) poisoned our own gene pools.

Do cops in Europe even carry hand cuffs? Or is it a human rights violation to detain a violent animal?

I thought they did that after the Fall of the Soviet Union? Lol

The EU and the drive toward a global society has ruined that forever. The diversity of nations and cultures is normal and much more desirable than a homogenized world population ruled by an oligarchy of dictatorial control freaks.

Such multicultural behaviour.

What a great a achievement of our beloved politicians.

We now have African and 3rd world shit hole behaviour spread throughout the modern world.

Who allowed this to happen? :thinking:

Regarding the second story in the OP why would someone cloth and feed an invader? And invite them into their home while they sleep? Holy shit, this guy was so stupid he deserved to die.

Last year I spent 2 months in Normandy attending the 75th anniversary of the D Day Landing. I roamed around in a small camper on the back roads. WOW French history and engineering was just splendid! Only in Cherboug did I encounter the religion of peace.

No they use plastic zip locks! (seriously)

This is the kind of shit demonrats want in the USA .

Well these scum are still turning up here every day by the boatload - almost as if we’re trying to catch up on the numbers already in other Euro countries.