How long will joe Biden’s speech be? I say

Less than five mins

Words we can’t understand 56.

Times he forgets where he is? 3
Let’s say you.

I don’t think you should be here they don’t allow robots…

And people like you shouldn’t be allowed to breed let alone allowed to have a computer!


He can last 30 minutes but what does it matter? No one will show and the assholes that went into the Capitol building ensured they now have an excuse. “People were afraid of right wing terrorism” . . . What was it, 40 or 50 people in the Capitol building out of what, 500,000? . . Yes, you ass clowns, you gave the media the excuse they so badly wanted. Congratulations assholes. . . that means the Antifa punks that were there too…

Why would anyone continue to respond to that idiot? :smiley:


Omg Brett Kavanaugh was clapping when judges aren’t supposed to lol

Great pick trump

Shouldn’t be long.

I’m Joe Biden.

Thank you for electing me to the senate.

I look forward to great haircuts at the senate barber shop.

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Wtf is he saying!? Lol

Don’t care, I didn’t watch Creepy Joe and Kameltoe, all I will say is I am praying to Our Lord that they and their Cronies fail and I hope this happens within 6 months.


Dear Lord, we your humble servants ask you to SMITE Joseph R. Biden Jr, Kamala Harris AND ALL those involved in their SCAM. Dear Lord, we ask you to do this. Amen.

What I was thinking of instead of watching Creepy Joe and Kameltoe get Installed was this:

Donald J. Trump GREATEST MODERN Patriot EVER, a man who did NOT have to run for President but gave up so much to do so because he saw America and the Western World going down the WRONG street.

A man who for 4 years on a 24/7 basis was subjected to the filthiest LIES and SLANDER about him and his family BUT put himself through THAT because of his LOVE and PATRIOTISM.

Thank you President Trump, you are a REAL LEADER, a REAL WARRIOR and may Our Lord Bless you and protect you from the Agents of Satan.

The Patriotic Movement that YOU started will REMAIN and it will GROW even more than it has, we have 75 million within a year we will probably have 100 million and this will go forward and it WILL prevail.

Deus Vult.

He’s saying:

“I’ve got Senile Dementia and I’ve just shit in my depends, can someone come and change my underwear for me?”

Kameltoe is thinking:

“That random man over there. Did I give him a blow job in 2006 or was it that other random man standing next to him? Being a Hooker it’s difficult to keep track of all the dicks I’ve sucked on my way to the Top…”

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OH I see your not at your black circle jerkers club…you’re typing a little better
no jiz on your hands at the moment huh…thank goodness this forum doesn’t
have a microphone for you to talk through…girggling through your speech…
in other words filthy queer speech huh

The world would be a better place if you jumped off a tall building

I know you’re to used to silly ass unintelligent dumb fuk meme speeches that
your donnie the com man murderer gave

I say we just ignore Creepy Joe and Kameltoe, both are Lower Class Scum.

Instead look at this beautiful picture, yes President Trump still has the Light shining on him and may Our Lord continue to Bless and protect him from the Agents of Satan and may they SOONER RATHER THAN LATER be returned to Hell from where they were spawned.


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Today with out doubt is a day that justice died. We just sworn in a illegitimate president. With massive voter fraud. Where is the law?

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The Democrat Party’s version of the law is going to be The Law of The Jackboot and THAT is WHY they have 20,000-30,000 POLITICAL Troops in DC, remember they got the Corrupt FBI to subject ALL the National Guard troops to a Political Purity Test, this in itself is probably illegal under The Constitution NOT that the TRAITORS and the Dual Nationality Foreign Entity Fifth Column that is pulling ALL the strings and giving ALL the ORDERS now give a shit.

We are basically now under a Left-Wing Military Dictatorship, we have NO Government now, we have a Junta, we are basically Venezuela COMPLETE with a Controlled Opposition and SOON ANY politician who goes AGAINST the Regime will be arrested and thrown into jail, who knows perhaps even thrown into Gitmo.

America is in serious shit, America is so fucked it’s OFF THE SCALE.

All we can say and hope for is:

May God have Mercy on us, for we have sinned.

AND America has sinned for DECADES and now this is God’s Punishment for those sins.

Gitmo is the place where the leaders of the Resistence will go to be " REPROGRAMMED" to see the error of their ways and to "RE EDUCATE " their followers. The Gulags of Joe Biden Stalin will be upon us soon.

They are not even secret about this, they have openly stated it and at least one Democrap said it would be Gitmo.

That BITCH Katie Couric said Trump follwers are part of his cult and need to be “REPROGRAMED.” She ssid this to Bill Mahre who surprised. Give them credit gor being homest.

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Does he know he is president . We have become the Peoples Democratic Republic of Communist China- USA.