How Google Will ‘Actively Interfere’ in 2020 Elections

I thought I should post this in order to spread awareness for us voters and some things to keep aware of. A lot of us will need to get all hands on deck for the 2020 elections to make sure there is a fair process in place for every US voter. Please think about volunteering as a electioneer monitor or consider getting out there in support of the conservative ground game. Just some suggestions for how we all can get involved in order to make sure that the Marxist’s don’t get to get away with the shenanigans we saw in the mid-term elections! Stay Vigilant Patriots!

Google is entirely too powerful. Since it can control the thoughts of millions of people, it can essentially “elect” whomever it wants in a national election.

Likely, it can affect local elections as well.

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Getting your excuses ready if President Dumkopf loses.

Every election the right creates a new bogeyman from Muslims to Soros and now to Google.

Whats next? Telling us this is the most single important election of our lifetime AGAIN. !

I thought the right didn’t care about election interference…:man_shrugging:

Monte, its the Left that doesn’t care. Look how they tried to have Ste.Hillary1 elected. What will they do to SUBVERT the next election. There are no SACRED COWS in the SOCIALIST DEMOCRATIC PARTY, only cows.

RUSSIA interfered with the 2016 election and Trump’s DNI said they’re actively interfering now for the 2020 election and the right could give two fucks…:man_shrugging:

They probably planted the canidates in the Socialist Democratic Party.