How Do You Stop a Bad Guy With a Gun?

This was a pretty good video produced by Prager U that went to a college campus and asked a variety of students about the right to own a gun and in general “How Does one stop a bad guy with a gun.” The video starts off in typical fashion where most students who have adopted leftist positions such as abolishing guns altogether, however as the video progresses further the responses were rather surprising and have to say I was mildly encouraged that some were rethinking their positions on guns towards the end. In conclusion, my biggest take away from this was the conversation itself it was both constructive and informative and provided a text book example about how to talk about issues we all Americans care about and the approach we should take to get such conversations started.




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Civilian gun ownership is the BEST WAY to defend a country, it also provides citizens with personal responsibility, a way to defend their families, and a way to hunt for food in case shit hits the fan in the country.

How can people be against this shit? I wish here in Europe we weren’t so stupid about this…but am pleased to say that the gun rights movement is growing.

I think the problem for the US is that gun culture has become unhealthy.

I would bet that if Americans started to shift focus from self-defence back to having fun at the range with pals or going on weekend hunting trips the gun culture would once become healthier.

Healthier gun culture would basically destroy the liberal arguments for gun-control…which all revolves around liberals being scared of things that look scary as I understand the problem.

Britbong here. Guns are practically illegal here. If you want to own a rifle, you have to have a specific reason to own one, ask the police for special permission, can only fire certain types of rounds, have to join a fucking country club, the pistols are longer than rifles, no fun guns allowed…

That black woman with the big boobs was the most rational person out of the whole group.

This is why I think gun ownership should be mandatory in the US. Just look at the affordable care act and the individual mandate. The ACA stated that everyone has a right to insurance and that with that right comes an obligation to get insurance. It was backed up by a law proposing a tax on those who didn’t get the insurance. Simply use the same reason and systems. Gun ownership is a right and with that right comes an obligation to own a firearm. Those who do not own a conventional and acceptable firearm will be taxed to help pay for programs that will provide firearms to those who may be too poor to be able to afford one themselves.

That’s excellent! Using the logic of the libs against them would make their heads explode :joy:

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Even being poor…there is no reason not to own a gun. Good idea on the ACA reverse logic. Republicans should be pushing this but won’t because they are weak af.