How did America Get Here To Destruction?

Trump understands who the real enemy is

America started its harmful change to this with pres carter

Then daddy bush helped bring it

Then Clinton

Then Obama

The American heroes were Reagan… Ross Perot …Pat Buchanan … and now the best of all Donald Trump !!!

The liberals brought in the unwise to vote and to fool easier by the crooked govt

Check to see who is on Trumps side and the other side … with checking you will see Trump has the real power if he wants to use that power to totally stop this great liberal harm that is destroying america

The founders knew the wise were the property owners and only let them vote

Trump has those wise farmers also in a landslide

Will Trump use his Power to stop the coming destruction later with the liberal harm ?

He doesn’t have shit. He’s never been able to keep anyone by his side for an entire term save Pence. Despite his campaign promise to staff his administration with only the nations best and brightest, one by one, every single one has quite his sorry ass, or been fired. And then when that happens he talks complete shit and smack about the very people that HE brought on to run one of his agency/departments or another. And then you guys all chime in with him and sing back up…

Always the guy was a traitor all along, he was a plant by the “”””deeeeeep state””””” or just a RINO…

Trump and the Trumper see nothing but loyalty to Trump, not to America, not to the constitution, but to Trump. Meme after meme litter this board claiming that John Robert’s, Fox News or the attorney general of the nations department of justice has sold out to Trump. When not a damn one of them ever pledged allegiance to him…but rather to the constitution…

We ran him off, he’s finished, done, and we never want to see him in DC again after January 20th!!!

And the real truth comes out. Those pesky colored folk and women too, don’t forget the founders wisdom in disenfranchising them…:roll_eyes:

That’s exactly why Socrates/Plato thought democracy is the lowest and thus the most dangerous form of government.

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It’s not true.
There’s no better alternative (at the moment).


Ushered in by the cultural theorists of post modernism known as the “Frankfurt Institute!” It was a cumulative grinding down that spanned over 50 years where Marxist indoctrination by way of the Mandarins (Maoists) with stealth, infiltrated our institutions and culturally reappropriated our arts for theirs and subverted our values while we were too busy getting high on opioids and consumerism!

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Eventually Athen’s demise ensued.


Trump is packing his shit and preparing to leave the White House for good.

Are you in China?..

What does that have to do with the thread topic? Exerting your passive aggression again just to satisfy your spank monkey?

No he will not…

He’s finished

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I thought Max Igan was a real smart guy and listened to him for a long time, but not so much anymore.
I understand where he comes from, but I have a fundamental disagreement with his view that ALL governments are evil and ALL politicians are corrupt.

Humanity from the stone age had to come up with different ways of survival. In tribal hunter/gatherer societies, there are always shamans and elders (who sometimes overlap) where every individual more or less has some shamanic qualities and tendencies. And such societies know the limit to their size, due to the limit in food availability.

When agriculture became the norm (unfortunately), there was surplus food production which allowed more births and this lead to overpopulation which required more food and this vicious circle led to creation of states, authoritative figures, state religions, priesthood, professional politicians, irrigation and large scale agriculture and warfare.

What happened in the last ten thousand or so years cannot be reversed but what we can is, to regain the mental awareness that there is no authority in politics, spirituality and wealth distribution, as Max Igan seems to advocate.

The areas where I disagree with him is that NOT ALL of us are capable of going back to this healthy mental state. What I means is that 99% of humans are just happy as they are being slaves and there’s little awakened people can do about it.

America was founded by the 1%, who were exceptional, refusing not only the authority of the English crown, but also the authority of the bankers.

So, How did America get to where it is?
By assuming that 99% are as awake as 1% and giving away the rights (such as voting rights) to those who do not deserve.