How Are You Feeling Politically?

I’m curious to know how people are feeling about Trump and the 2020 election. I was a big time from supporter from when he first came down the escalator. I still support the president and I’m happy to have gotten him elected, but I don’t know that I support him as much now as I did when he first announced as a candidate.

I don’t think there are really many other options for Trump voters in 2020 other than Trump. I know that sounds kind of stupid but I feel like Candidate Trump and President Trump are two completely different people. I really enjoyed the message of Candidate Trump. I wanted a big beautiful wall, I wanted to deport all of the illegals, I wanted to end veterans homelessness, and I wanted to make the second amendment the TRUE law of the land. The problem for me is all of the things that Candidate Trump promised haven’t been delivered by President Trump. I really want them to be and I hope the President Trump will do it. I just don’t know that President Trump wants to actually put the Make America Great Again agenda into play for real. Maybe I’m wrong about that. That’s why I’m making this thread. I want to know what other people think.

I can’t be the only Trump supporter who is frustrated with President Trump. Maybe I just need to get over it and put some faith into him. But without the Wall that is very hard for me to do right now. Just being honest…

What does everyone here think?


It’s clear now that he is just an agent for Israeli globalists, he sold us out just like Obama. I feel like 2020 would be the same choice between a charming devil and the wicked witch.

I am getting tired of a lack of solutions. I just can’t accept that the people we send to Congress are so shitty at their jobs that we all just shrug our shoulders and say - oh well, better luck next time. We should have never allowed it to get to that point.

As far as President Trump goes, I feel like he has been completely compromised by the deep state. All of the energy that was there in 206 is gone. Most people I know don’t really care what happens to Trump at this point. He sold us out.

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Now is not the time to get discouraged.

Mueller has nothing. The Dems are going to go into damage control. Trump has them now and we still have 2 years to beat on them before the elections. Trump played it cool but now the gloves will come off. Just wait and trust the plan. It’s all coming together.

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Trump will complete his mission when he recognizes Israel’s sovereignty over the United States. At the rate he’s going he might even be able to relocate the capital of Israel to lower Manhattan.

Trust the plan…:ok_hand:


This :point_up: and also Trump was a pussy and got played. Simple as that. He din’t know what he was doing and all of his best and most smartest people didn’t know shit either. The dude got rolled.


Ever raged at a star player in your favorite sport team for missing the shot but you believed that they’ll win the rigged game anyway and supported them anyway?

Thats how I feel about Trump 2020.


So, is this the thread for rampant pessimism, snide remarks and naivete regarding how the US government ‘works’?



Just think about the state of America if the dems take over . We will soon see another 25,000,000 plus illegals flooding our Country , taxes at record levels , debt passed 100 TRILLION , gun confiscation , abortions at 9 months , an end to free speech , God completely removed from everything , re-naming every building and street that has to do with our history , illegals as a protected class , drugs ravishing our children , unemployment at 10% , and a welcoming to the next Venezuela !!

Do you not have an opinion? This entire discussion board is about people sharing their opinions on political matters.

Yes, Donald Trump had it right a few decades and ago and all the way through his campaign, for the most part. He lost his way when he let Ivanka and Jared run the WH which has effectively made the US a client state of Israel - a country which can afford to defend itself.


Of course I have an opinion. I expressed some of it in my first remarks. Your OP opened the door to my naivete moniker, YingYang, the ■■■ Hater came up with an expected snide remark, and pessimism haunts all those who may think President Trump will not fulfill any more of his campaign promises. He has already done quite well considering the obstruction encountered from the Democrats, the RINOs and the activist judges…so far. I’m sure there will be more of that “we hate Trump more than we love America” resistance in the coming six years.

We are definitely better off today that we were in 2016. We are exponentially better off than we would have been under the crooked bitch, Hillary Clinton, the market is higher by double digit percentages as measured by the Dow, Nasdaq and S&P500 than it was in 2016, unemployment is at record low levels, AND we no longer have a President that makes apology tours around the world, bowing to kings and kissing asses like that skinny Muslim Liar in Chief, Barrack Hussein Obama did for years.


I would support Trump over any of the current Democrats running for office. I mostly value Capitalism over Socialism, and the policies that these candidates are proposing, are, indeed, Socialist.

However, that does not stop me from looking at other candidates who might be better fit. Trump has done good for the economy, but sometimes I think his demeanor is immature. The way he went about getting elected, by branding people, still doesn’t sit well with me.

I think Trump has been dragged through the dirt so much that his chances for getting re-elected are slim to none. I might be wrong though- there’s the grassroots base, and the people defecting from the Democrat party because it has gone so extreme.

As a Canadian I’m rooting for Trump too. He’s definitely an asset to China and Russia in a time when China is quickly advancing to becoming the world’s leading power in terms of world economies.

That which is lost to America under the Trump regime can never be regained.

And not to mention the leg up Trump affords to Russia/Putin because the the blackmailing goods Russia has on Trump.

While Trump lamely goes along playing to his own inflated ego, as is the manner in which all psychopaths operate.

Yes, Trump is your boy for 2020!

Can you provide some proof of any of that? The Mueller investigation just released their report, which basically said nothing. So if you have something that Robert Mueller and his team of attorneys couldn’t pin down you should share it and get it out there.


How are you feeling politically about Justin Trudeau groping young girls?


@donheather how are you feeling about Trudeau’s SNC Lavalin affair?

I think it’s just about over and the Liberals have managed to control the damage. I don’t see any real indication that the CPC is gaining popularity at all so far.

We have the Trump effect to rely upon by comparing drawing a parallel to the US rightist gongshow. Canadians aren’t going to be taken in with the racism and buffoonery of Trump’s style. We need to continually remind Canadians that the Cons are the equivalent of Trump.

I really don’t see any chances of a Con challenge of any significance for quite a few years!

The whole world is moving to the left and it’s likely got a lot to do with Trump’s example of bad government in the land of the gun.