Houston Rainwater Flooding 2019: What Happens When Libertarian Policies Meet the Third World Hordes

My home sits about 8 feet above flood level. I am in what is considered Zone A.

We had a monsoon for a week before Irma and then when Irma hit we got flooded. I literally was using a canoe in my backyard watching fish jump.

Prior to that? Never heard of my neck of the woods flooding… ever.

Which is absolutely the truth. Many people here learned that the hard way in other areas.

And you’d be surprised at how many dumbasses tried to drive their cars through the flooded streets and floated away just like the guy in the video. :roll_eyes:

Keep reading, they call them land and building regulations.

You didn’t read the letter did you, “no comprehensive zoning, but extensive land use regulations”.

A duck is still a duck even if you call it a chair.

There is a significant difference between zoning what can go where vice how plats can be divided.

But some random person on the internet said that the City of Houston actually has zoning even though the City of Houston said they don’t. Obviously, you and the City of Houston are wrong because some random person said so.