House Votes in Favor to Legalize Pot--50 years late!

What to know about the MORE Act that just passed the House - Business Insider It is about time to smell the coffee!

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Buckle up.

With legalization comes higher auto insurance costs and more accidents on the roads.

Mine went up 30% in 3 years.

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Luckly now you can legally get high to take your mind off things

You bet. Pot isn’t cheap with the taxes states and not the federal government add to the price. With that you get higher insurance rates, more accidents on the highway, and of course it changes the demographics of th homeless to the young homeless in the downtown areas. Now on leaving a restaurant the homeless say, can I have your left overs, then they hit you up for cash, not change but a buck, a fiver or do you haas 10 to spare?

Yet more to waste your spar money on and not sav for the college education for your children. After all, college s a right and should be paid for by Sammy.

I love it when a plan coms together.

p.s. Not to worry, Pot stores are considered essential and remain open during shutdowns.

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LMAO!!! Very funny post!

Actually the tax portion isn’t a joke.

Colorado levied a 25% tax on POT add in sales tax or 8+% in Denver and you have 33%. Throw in a 5% Federal tax, 38%. Pot is a cash crop for the state and Federal treasury.

p.s. My auto insurance rates climbed 35% in 3 years. Insurance companies claim POT and over loaded roads. I utilized the ultimate fix, moved to a state with no pot, insurance dropped 1300 a year, no state income tax, 5% reduction in taxes. Few homeless on the streets.

I don’t see how pot would cause accidents. Never seen anyone too stoned to drive.
People get stoned and drive a bit slower and are more careful, how is that a bad thing?
PS: Fuck Insurance! Insurance is a scam!

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More accidents how? Because the insurance company says so? I don’t think so, that’s not real life.

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When driving on I25 through the gap project a person side swiped me and then tried to leave the scene. My auto went into the ditch and it was totaled. Police were called. The person was suspected under the influence and was tested for alcohol and passed the police suspected he was under the influence of drugs and they hauled him to the Hospital and tested him for drugs. Tested positive for POT, Actually he admitted to edibles. Lost his license.

Home sweet former home:
The Insurance Information Institute looked at states where marijuana was legalized , Colorado, Oregon and Washington, and found the program resulted in a collision claims rate 3 percent higher than expected.

Car crashesare up in states that have legalized recreational marijuana, according to new research. Two studies, conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Highway Loss Data Institute, found an uptick in collision claims in four states following the start of retail sales of recreational marijuana.

The researchers looked at Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington and found that the frequency of collision claims per insured vehicle year rose a combined 6 percent following the start of legalization, when compared to neighboring states that haven’t legalized recreational pot. (The study defines an “insured vehicle year” as one vehicle insured for one year, or two vehicles insured for six months each.) The control states include Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming.

Colorado and Washington were the first states to legalize recreational marijuana in 2012, with retail sales beginning in 2014. In Recreational weed went on the market in Oregon in October 2015, and in Nevada in July 2017.

Insurance is a scam sanctioned by the state governments. Can’t drive without it.

People like me (not regular smokers) I got high 2 years ago and started driving on the motorway after one junction I had a panic attack I needed to pull over I didn’t realise how high I was

Different guy I know had a edible and did not realise how high he was and put diesel into his petrol car obviously his car stop working that could easily have caused accident and obviously was mentally impaired and should not have been on the road

another guy I know got really high and crash into a traffic lights and than run away