House Passes Assaut Weapons Ban

We are back to this charade again! Nancy Piglosi is all giddy as if they accomplished something, when in reality there are many like me who are not going to give an inch nor give up my guns. Lets see what the senate does with this. Fk these a$$holes!


Let me guess… Liz was one… who was the other?


If you don’t have one already, get your AR15 while you can. And some spare magazines, and at least 2000 rounds of ammunition.

If you already have one, get another, plus the usual accessories.

If you can’t afford one right now, and you are without access to the devices that embody the Second Amendment, get something. Even a single-shot bolt-action .22 is far far better than nothing at all. I realize this advice is probably superflouous for the patriots here, and unwanted for the liberals … but just in case.

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The debate rages on, but at the end of the day, they can pound sand!

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But I don’t like those type of guns that are so loud yet shoot little itty bitty bullets. Back during the 1st “assault weapon ban” my buddy kept trying to talk me into these $115 SKSs

I do not like those guns or that ammo. No. If your ammo can’t be brass, go fuck yourself. Besides, them bullets are tiny. I already got a .22.

Also things that shoot real bullets.

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That is why the hand guns are still the bomb! 45 H&K, 357 S&W, 9mm Barretta

They can’t define a weapon of war which is why my M1 Garand is my peace maker and still legal and lethal. It is versatile too which can also shoot .30-06

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Yet and still … the AR15 is “America’s rifle”, and were there to be some sort of extended organized conflict in the US, subsequent to the breakdown of the social order, having a common weapon and ammo is very useful.

So patriots, if they can, should acquire one, plus the usual accessories and a couple of thousand rounds.

And then they should link up with other patriots. There may be a group near you already. You can find out by looking here: