🔴 House Judiciary Committee Hearing sans Barr

Today’s hearing begins at 9:00 AM EST. It is scheduled to be on C-SPAN 3. I’m not sure of any other live feeds at this time.

I am currently (8:25 AM) watching C-SPAN 3 as they re-broadcast yesterday’s 5 ring circus in the hearing room.

It is no wonder that Congress gets nothing done.

Jerry Nadler is losing his cool. The proceedings are more entertaining than productive. This episode rivals any Keystone Cops movie I have ever seen.

Bill Barr made a wise decision to decline today’s hearing.

:rofl: The camera is now live in the hearing room. Photographers are taking photos…

…of the EMPTY CHAIR! :rofl:

I’m waiting with bated breath to hear the EMPTY SPEECHES of the grandstanders that are filing into the room to get their asinine opinions into the Congressional Record!

Jerrold Nadler is a complete asshole!

Now they have a plastic chicken at Barr’s name placard…and taking pictures of it.

Democrats are lunatics!

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Looks like they are having a press conference. As usual a red ball indicating a live stream with no live stream…

The :red_circle: doesn’t indicate live stream. It’s merely an attention beacon.

If you have cable, you could have watched it on C-SPAN 3.

Unmmm… Mueller found no collusion.
Get over it, Libs. Get some fucking ponies and teddy bears and move on.

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The Democrat idiots are having a news briefing right now…about 10 of them taking turns attacking Bill Barr with vengeance.

They lost on collusion and obstruction, so now they will be attacking every Republican that had anything to do with it.

If anyone is voteing for Democrats after all this, you are going to hell. This is sick. Banana republic bull shit

After the fiasco yesterday why would he sit through the political circus with nothing to gain other than badgering from the democrats who are totally unreasonable.

They proved to be beyond rude yesterday a preview of today and show little respect.

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Absolutely. The witch hunts have to end.

Im glad the hearing happened

Im so pleased that the democrats minus Amy Klobuchar really showed their true colors, and you just handed Trump a second term.

I look forward to seeing most of the pathetic democrat senators lose their seats in 2022.
bye bye Booker, Harris, Blumenthal, Nadler, that whack job from Hawaii, Whitehouse etc.

pathetic little creatures.

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