House Debates Bill To Keep Democrats In Power Forever!

Watch the video!

Pelosi is trying to get a bill passed known as HR1 that will give her control over state elections!

Back Story with more detail as Democrats reveal their plan.

Instead of going off of what a Pol has to say about it why not reference the bill. Here it is:

Now which part(s) of the bill are you against? Why?

I will start by telling you what I like

  1. Election Day as a Holiday
  2. Automatic voter registration
  3. Requiring Cybersecurity testing of electronic voting booths
  4. More transparent campaign finance

Just to name a few.

The Constitution gives authority over state elections to the states. The Constitution’s references to voting and rules for voting refer mostly to congressional (legislative) functions.

Election laws are the responsibility of each State .

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Do you think this something that our founding Fathers got right or wrong? As you can see it can be manipulated to favor one party over the other depending on how you view this. What about the current trend of getting rid of the “Electoral College” in which Democrats also want to get rid of?

Automatic voter registration?

You mean without proof of citizenship.

Exactly why would the senate pass the partisan bill or the president sign it???

They hate it because it precludes mob rule by way of large states that vote Democrat all the time. California, New York and Illinois could put liberals in the White House forever without that pesky old Electoral College.

In all but a few cases, it has put Republicans in the White House when the Democrat candidate won the popular vote.

It should NEVER go away.

They’re looking forward to the time they have the Senate, the House and the Presidency. Then they can rule forever.

Yes. If you read the bill it says “eligible voters”.

Also automatic means as soon as you hit voting age you are registered. Which means the government would need a valid ssn to register. How would an illegal be automatically registered without being a citizen?

Apparently you’ve never heard of motor voter.

Question on the card:
Are you an American citizen
2 boxes

How many states allow illegals to obtain drivers licenses.

Not to worry, there is no voter fraud when you don’t look for it and every dead person should be allowed to vote.


Stick to the comment you replied to.

How would an illegal register with automatic voter registration?

Illegally… wity help from dems who will willingly break the law to register more dems.

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Is it any wonder DEMs were so upset over Trump’s win. They were ohhhhhhhhhh sooooooooooooo close.