Horses Are Smarter than Donkeys!

This is an incredible video of a Horse going back to rescue other horses caught up in the wild fires of CAli.

Actually panicked horses frequently run into burning barns and pastures because that is normally their “safe place”.

For brains I’ll take a donkey or a mule any day over virtually any horse.

Its not a literal statement! :rofl::rofl:

I hope all of the animals make it out alright. I hope the leftists stay right where they are and wait for someone to rescue them.

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Sadly many don’t. Unfortunately animals don’t generally get to pick their owners.

Indeed it is particularly with mules. The problem with mules is that they are so smart, have an incredible sense of self preservation and memories like an elephant. They will also generally outlast a horse by 2x or more.

We still had a leftover WWII burrow living at our scout camp in NM in the mid to late 70’s. His only job was to eat grass and keep the bears, coyotes, an cougars away from the camp HQ and he was damned good at it.

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Neat tale of an intelligent horse with a very talented and dedicated trainer.

A mule is infinitely smarter ( and stronger ) than a horse. A horse run itself or allow itself to be worked to death. A mule will say, fuck this, I’m stopping.


That’s funny! No body got the tagline as not meaning to be literal but a play on words about socialist policies of the Democrats that is represented by a jackass! The jacksss couldn’t save them but a a horse did! The whole point is of the tagline is don’t try to wait for Democrats to save you when they caused the problem in the first place, save yourself! That is what the horse did!

A mule will also avoid getting himself int situations where they are likely to get hurt.

In the seventies we saw pasture horses freeze to death standing up or suffering severe frostbite after a blizzard.

We’d find the donkeys and mules in burrows they’d dug out against a wind break by finding holes they left themselves to breathe through. You’d see the steam from their breath rising as an icy fog.