Hordes of Rabid Muslims Attack Danish Police Car in Copenhagen

This is happening in Denmark. Muslims in large hordes attack Danish Police in Copenhagen. As the weather warms up expect to see a lot more of this behavior. Be warned, this is this a glimpse into our future.


That’s why the left wants the population disarmed. When the riots begin only the criminals and the government will have weapons. It’s a set-up for big government to come in and act as saviors of the population. Meanwhile - if the population were armed we wouldn’t have to worry about things like this happening…ever.


Jeeze, you’d think this was about someone disrespecting the Quran. :weary:

Oh wait… it was. :roll_eyes: Someone threw the Quran up in the air.

These folks don’t fit into Western society. It is like mixing oil and water. Apparently, they need repressive leaders to keep them in line because they are no more than animals.

I wonder if those 23 arrested will be deported…? :thinking:


Do those cops not have guns? Pile the bodies up a mile high. The worst that will happen is that someone will be upset and use words that everyone will forget about a week or two later. We can solve most problems easily.

Of course they have guns. But there are also laws, policy and procedure on how they can be used and under what circumstances.

Again, it comes back to the insulated, globalist loving politicians who welcomed them in the first place and left the police and the tax paying citizen to suck up the fruits of their bad decisions.

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That’s why the people need to be armed and have laws protecting self defense. Dead rioters may or may not discourage other rioters … but those rioters won’t be rioting ever again.

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That was ugly and it took backup FOREVER to show up.


I don’t dislike Muslims. I enjoyed my Islamic experiences in Turkey… well most of them. But Muslims have a tendency to act like liberals… with their over the top, doubling down, extreme screaming at the sky. Some guy threw a Koran into the air and the Muslims went nuts.

It’s no different than this. This woman could teach Muslims the art of crazy protest without violence.

One of the reasons I avoid organized religions. Too much mortal input that can be interpreted to lead to degrading the human condition. I stick, as best I can, with the basic teachings of Christ & the Buddha. “Do no harm in My Name” - - - “Go and try to sin no more”. That alone is a hard road to follow through life. I am not without faith; but even more important, I am not without common sense. I believe the very root of all human misery is ( in some way, shape, or form ) GREED. For far too many, enough is just never enough; and the worst belief is, something is free. Nothing is free except the Grace of God. To me, enough is a feast. I hope I can pass my philosophies along to my grandchildren.

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I have yet to locate a passage attributed to Christ or the Buddha that states, spread my word by violence.

And of course, no predominately Buddhist nation ever waged war.

That’s why we always just throw stones at Christian churches. Those organized Christians…Ooooooh! They should spend their time building hospitals and schools instead of preaching!

Ummm… wait.


I said: I have yet to locate a passage attributed to Christ or the Buddha that states, spread my word by violence. What followers do is another story. However, I see many violent passages in the Koran. Also the Old Testament; but that’s the reason we have the New Testament.

When seconds count police are miles away.