Hopped up Woman with Scissors Shot Dead by Police… You Decide…

I’m not going to play armchair quarterback and say whether the police officer was right or wrong in this situation.

I will however offer my personal preference and that is for police to tone the shootings down. Police have always had to deal with crazy people doing crazy things. It used to be that police would pride themselves on never having to take out their gun, or use it. Now it seems like police training has defaulted towards gun use and mag dumping. I personally would rather see cops get those long nightsticks again, walk into a situation like this three or four deep, and just go to town. I’d be totally fine with police beating the crazy out of someone temporarily.


Cops have to serve the people with better judgment and use tact to diffuse the situation and not go for the quick execution/solution.
Some unstable people want to be suicided by cop but you shouldn’t do them that favor. You have to smart.
I tend to think it was unnecessary force. Where is his stun gun?
He’s not a hero.

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I very much doubt he feels like a hero. He will probably replay this in his mind until the day he dies and wonder much the same as you? What could I have done differently? It is enough to destroy a person.

What equipment was he given? Did he have a stun gun? What was his training? I’ll bet his training taught him to do exactly what he did. I’d also bet his training taught him how to diffuse a situation.

He gave several warnings. He was practically begging her to back off. When she came flying at him she gave him no choice.

She is not a “victim” of unnecessary force. She is a poster child for what you should not do because it will not end well.

It was a white cop shooting a white perp. Kinda hard to make a case for racial bias here.

There was no “quick execution”. She was a drugged up deranged woman and he gave her every opportunity not to get shot.

Cops don’t take an oath to get cut up, stabbed, or shot without defending themselves with deadly force.

In the same situation you would have done the same thing because you would have had no other alternative.

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There was no “mag dump” and nothing else was going to stop her.

My mistake, he voice sonded like he was black.