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Hong Kong protests for the five demands. There are now 2500 political prisoners after months of mass arbitrary arrests at protests, and increasing attacks on protester and a mounting suspected number of deaths. People gather in the streets, malls and near shrines where they leave flowers and origami and light candles to mourn victims and show unity and solidarity. Today HK gathered to send an SOS to the world by flashing their torches in morse code, ahead of a large protest march planned Sunday October 20.

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My pics from the other day! There is a very big event planned tonight my time in Tsim Sha Suai! Going to be a real cooker!

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Helicopters are pretty active in my Neighbourhood right now! I am just down the street from the protests! Not wise for me to be out there now! Dam!


The arrests aren’t arbitrary. The protesters have not always been peaceful. And this is a matter to be settled between HK and China. The US has caused enough harm around the world by interfering in others affairs.

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Yeah because you are here seeing with your own eyes, and living in Asia as opposed to being an internet jockey who knows everything sitting in a chair looking at a computer screen! Tell us more Monte of your worldly experience!:rofl:

Yeah ok


Wow! Those are some great pictures! It must be amazing seeing these brave people fighting for their freedom and independence against a tyrannical regime!

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Are you actually defending the Chinese government? This is the same government that his been committing grave human rights abuses for decades. Remember what happened in Tiananmen Square?

Im pretty sure that the Hong Kong police made the arrests. At any rate, are you denying that protesters have become violent at times, destroyed public and private property or attacked the police. You’d likely be highly critical of Americans doing the same here. :man_shrugging:

No I am pretty sure that you don’t know because you are not here! As always your presumption of knowing such things from what you read on the internet only exposes your ignorance on the subject matter!

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Thanks! It’s pretty intense seeing it daily from both sides as well. Just the other day I saw pro Chinese plastering their red flag stickers over the protestors posters in the subways! There is the propaganda war going on too and all the subways walls are littered everywhere! I am going to get more tomorrow on my commute to work I will share here!

Are you making some kind of “greater good” argument?

No, I’m not. Just an argument to stay out of other people’s affairs for once.

I seriously doubt the protestors will accept this unless it is a free and open election!

Remember what happened at Kent State…:man_shrugging:

Which has nothing to do with this thread!

Trolling again!

These were taken yesterday my time!

Someone has to teach these protestors how to spell!:rofl:

Hong Kong Medics Condemn Police Brutality in Peaceful Rally

Hong Kong in Chaos After Police Break Up Protests With Tear Gas

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Is this just becoming a waiting game? Is the Chinese government just trying to make these protesters get tired and quit or what?

The CCHICOMS always play the long game. I am not sure how this is going to end, but for starters if they were smart they would force Carrie Lam to step down and hold an open election. If they allowed that then this problem goes away real quick. The problem with the CHICOM’s is they painted themselves into a corner, because in Chinese culture losing face is a important aspect of not appearing weak. It’s double edge sword, however if they decided to go with the more democratic route, the world community would laud them for it. Now ask yourself how stupid do the CHICOM’s appear right now?

I met Chris Lau yesterday and he directed me to his twitter feed. This location is in Mong Kok right near Sneaker Street a popular shopping destination for many! This is proof how brutal the police are by pepper spraying point blank range an innocent bystander.