Honestly how can conservatives allow democrats move to their states?

Democrats have destroyed every thing they have touched! How can Texans and Floridians accept these anti Americans to move to there flourishing states?
It’s like having communist Stalin moving next to you.

I recently lived in Colorado a conservative state. In the last 10 years with the migration from the BLUE coast, the state has moved to the progressive left. The entire government is now democrat.

I sold the home and moved to Wyoming.


Now they are flooding Wyoming because they destroyed Colorado. If we don’t outlaw democrats it’s just goin go to spread

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Most people are quite welcoming in Wyoming however if they discover your a liberal you tend to not have many friends in the neighborhoods.

Most of the people in the neighborhood I live in are beyond friendly except to the doctor and his wife down the street, liberals. They held a fund raiser for Biden before the election, the police were called, a complaint filed and they were told to clear the cars off the street or they would be towed. Fund raiser ended early.

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I wouldn’t let him come unless he promised to only hire Texans leave the lefties in California

It’s an abysmal outlook:

-Tech companies are fleeing from commiefornia to Texas, bringing with them hordes of liberal tech bros (working remotely or not).
-Financial companies are fleeing NY to Florida, brining with them hordes of Wallstreet bros

Both will turn purple and eventually blue after a couple election cycles, with Florida being the prime target to fall first.

The Vid was the catalyst for all these moves.

Mean while across the nation 3rd graders are learning in text books that if your white your inherently racist lol we are fcuked


I watched most of this couple of days ago, the state of the place is quite shocking, I don’t agree with the proposed solution but if Dems think it is ok to let this happen Trump may need some more WALLS !

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I have friends who are conservatives, liberals and even Trump supporters. Why would a neighborhood go out of the way to he unfriendly to someone just because of a political persuasion?

My next door neighbor is a trump supporter and we could not be more different politically but we drink beer together and help each other out all the time.

How can you stop someone moving states? Do you demand new residents in your neighborhood declare their political persuasion?

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Didn’t we black list communist?

When you go around the neighborhood dissing other homeowners, take political signs you don’t agree with people get pissed.

The fund raiser had over 50 cars on th streets some blocking driveways.

Want more reasons?

We have a friendly neighborhood, we hold block parties every other month last one was November.

p.s. We don’t have the covid lockdown issues many states have. Our restaurants are open as well as bars and movie theaters.

Sounds like Wyoming would be the perfect place to host our new Capitol.

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Yeah, that’s my experience too.

And of course those suggesting that liberals be banned from moving freely to another state is stupendous. It’s as stupid as a suggestion of banning conservatives from moving where they wish…:roll_eyes:

Wyoming is a red state refusing to follow the Trump administration’s Covid quidelins. They are the least populated state in the union so likely not that big of a problem…

What new capitol???

You pretend that you won the election and we’ll pretend DC is our Capitol.

Well that’s cool. Only your pretending is permanent while ours ends January 20th…:man_shrugging:

Another one lol

Montecrusty is the bastion of a pretender and pretend! Hell! He could be ambassador for Disney Fantasy that is how delusional he is with his TDS suffrage here.

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