Homeschooling is dangerous for our Democracy, and should be illegal

Leftist Harvard Law School professor Elizabeth Bartholet calls for a radical transformation in homeschooling…says there is little legal oversight of educational standards or safeguards against abuse. Instead, she advocates that you get your children into the nearest state-run indoctrination facility where they will learn to worship minorities, gays, and participate in anal sex with one another. Celebrate diversity or die!

Damn! She’s right! I wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity for my kids to become gay communists.

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Claiming children are MORE likely to be molested by their bilogical parents so they get sent to a school to be molested by a tranny. Under threat of their children being seized by CPS to be trafficked, raped, and eaten by trannies. Anyone see something strange about this argument? Like it was made by someone with a strange small hat?

I grew up in a democrat strong hold, they absolutely have destroyed generations with their disastrous education system.
And it’s only getting worse. Most of my schools in my neighborhood English isn’t even the first language, commies love getting paid to indoctrinate masses of the foreign born.
From their attitudes of crossing the street Im pretty sure they are told every day America owes them reparations, and there will be no need to work when they graduate.

This professor is obviously friends with Joe Biden.

Biden molests kids

The public school system is a disaster. It’s overcrowded, underfunded, and the teachers are overworked and underpaid. The schools are full of kids who are disruptive and don’t care about learning. It’s no wonder that so many parents are choosing to homeschool their children. Homeschooling is the only option for parents who care about their children. With homeschooling, parents can ensure that their children are getting the individual attention they need to thrive. They can also be sure that their children are being taught according to their own values and beliefs. In a homeschooling environment, children can learn at their own pace and develop skills and interests that they might not have the chance to explore in a traditional school setting. For parents who want the best for their children, homeschooling is the clear choice.

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Thanks. Next time someone asks me why Jesus Christ is allowing COVID, I will have to say that it has caused a lot of children to miss a couple of years of face to face
WOKE indoctrination and showed many people that they CAN homeschool, away from the Scholastic Socialist Swamp. It may be the
Golden Lining of the Pandemic.

This is my neighbor, he’s an elementary school teacher, from Trinidad, he smokes huge bongs 3 times a day, and is teaching our next leaders.

It’s not too late to ensure your child is forced to learn about gay pride parades and celebrate socialist revolutions.

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