Homeowner Shoots And Kills 3 Masked Teens In Possible ‘Stand Your Ground’ Case

Score three for the good guys!

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An important note. Those three “teens” will never commit another crime again. Lives have been saved. The homeowner should be recognized for his exemplary public service!

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Imagine of these “teens” had been white. What would the damn headlines have been then!

So glad this man did what he had to do. Better alive than dead at the hands of animals!

As the saying goes better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6!

At least they died doing what they love - stealing shit!

What if the “teens” were wearing masks because they were cold and we’re only trying to get in to the homeowners house to warm up a little. The dindu nuffin.

Crickets from the media is all we will come to expect!

Right? And why didn’t the homeowners just hand over everything the teens want? After all, the homeowners can afford it. They have jobs and really everything is replaceable. Stuff is not cause for killing, is it? (okay so I am being sarcastic. This was actually an argument libs used on another board :roll_eyes:)

Or else, the homeowner could simply have shot to disable the little darlings. Just shoot each in the foot. That would have stopped the robbers from shooting at the homeowner. Right? After all, these were just children! (Masks, notwithstanding…)

This seems like an extreme overreaction. People shouldn’t get killed over petty theft. I hope this shooter ends up in prison because he probably only killed them because he was a racist.

See, now that is smart. Because then, not only could they rob them they could double dip by suing! :crazy_face:

This looks like straight up self defense to me. Can’t see where SYG applies at all.

He was the victim of an attempted armed robbery and exchanged gunfire with the suspects. His aim was much better than their’s apparently.

What doesn’t the DYKE understand??? These 3 hoods fired first. They may not have practiced their aim shooting.
This was all a misunderstanding as these 3 were early trick or treating which didn’t go over well.They received lead poisoning instead of candy.
Obviously this man is racist because he didn’t give in to these NGGRS. He be recognized by the state government for his self defense, aim and courage.
Look for Beto, Buttplug and Gun Grabber Grabbard will be leading the protests at the State capitol.

“Petty Theft”? It was a 3:1 armed robbery. The guy is lucky to escape with his life.

That list seems to be long and exhaustive.

so its now racist to shoot black people who break into his home wearing masks?
so if the teens were white , what would you have said? oh yes an extreme overreaction

Well truth be told its irrelevant if the home owner was racist or not, the teens broke into his home, his private sanctuary, he has to right to defend himself in his own property.

Who knows what these angelic teens would have done if the owner didn’t have a gun.

as far as Im concerned I dont care if the person or persons breaking into my house is black, white, asian, gay or straight, none of that matters you break into my house you will see some lead, as my house isnt an invitation for you to break in

I dont see why that is a problem, are you telling you are okay with a bunch of teens with masks breaking into your home if you’re home? what if one of them wanted to rape you ignoring the fact that you’re a lesbian, you okay with that?

Were you there when it happened? The homeowner could have invited them in, murdered them, then planted gun show loophole guns on them.

You lead quite the fantasy life don’t you?

Three initials for you. GSR.

Galvanic Skin Response? Again - you are using acronyms and being difficult for no reason.