Hollywood Would Never Do This To Mohammed

It is hard to imagine the Hollywood ever portraying the Prophet Mohammed as a lesbian woman, but Jesus? Well, that’s a different story.  And the fact that Jesus is fair game, should come as a surprise to no one.

There’s a new movie that will soon be coming out called ‘Habit.’ It stars Paris Jackson, the daughter of the notoriously dysfunctional pop star Michael Jackson. And she’s playing a female, lesbian Jesus.

See my video clip:

Coming from Hollywood, CA, no surprise there.

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Wasn’t Mohammed a pedophile? They couldn’t release that kind of film to the public. It might be popular in the Middle East though.

An eight-year-old child bride has died in Yemen of internal bleeding sustained during her wedding night after being forced to marry a man five times her age, activists have claimed.

Yemeni child bride , 8, dies of internal injurie…

Lets keep some perspective here. This is not a huge hollywood blockbuster but a small independent movie. The entire cast and crew number just over 50.

The story is about a girl with a Jesus fetish. She is not actually Jesus.

Doesn’t change the fact that Hollywood wouldn’t permit the mockery of any other religion but Christianity.

The second round of the crusades are long overdue.

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A lot can be said here in response. Besides the fact that many very successful movies have had small crew and cast (Reservoir Dogs, The Blair Witch Project, Misery), or the fact that Janet Jackson has 4.9 million followers and Bella Thorne has 28.2 million followers, it is completely wrong to say that Janet Jackson is only playing a girl who has a Jesus fetish, and not actually playing Jesus.

Please see the Wikipedia article “Habit” which clearly states: "Paris Jackson as Jesus."

This is exactly what the Deep State wants.
Divide and conquer. You’re falling into the trap.
Demonization of Muslims is part of the psyop.

Jackson appears as Jesus to a girl with a Jesus fetish so I suspect its some sort of hallucination. From what little I know it does not appear that the movie is trying to say Jesus was a female lesbian. I was wrong about the role she is playing.

And you are spot on about some small indie movies becoming a huge success.

But as with all movies if you dont like its content dont go see it.

Good point about “if you don’t like its content dont go see it.”

My overall point really wasn’t about people seeing the movie. We live in a free country (I think) and people should have the option of watching whatever blasphemous film they want. My real criticism was against Hollywood for their blatant distortion of truth and that they would never – ever – depict Mohammed as a lesbian woman…or even a child molesting pedophile, which he was.

I was simply “calling them out” for the hypocritical liars and Christian-haters that they are.

Thanks for your response!

Now why would Muslims be demonized?

Pretty much anything you say about them.

They are centuries behind the western (European) countries.
That’s a given.
Child marriages were practiced in the past in Europe as well.

In another tradition,
"And yet, in one of the most astonishing texts in our heritage, the Baal HaTosafot, a leading medieval Talmudic commentary, wrote that the local community of the 14th-15th century simply did away with this prohibition and returned to betrothing their underage daughters (that is, under the age of 12). "

I really don’t see many child brides in today’s Christian or Hebrew communities; nor any FGM.

Never forget there are Christians in Africa (and many parts of the world).