Hockey and the Act of Murder__UPDATE

I just saw this story and it’s pretty outrageous after viewing the footage below.

Ex NHLer player Adam Johnson who was playing in the British league was killed after his throat was slit by a skate after an initial hit. However after viewing the footage a few times it appears that the act was intentional.

What should happen to the player in red who kung-fu kicked Johnson on purpose? Should he face murder charges? Do you think it was intentional after seeing this video? What are your thoughts?

The media claims it was an accident.

This is pretty disturbing! It looked like the player intentionally kicked him!

I wonder what the player who committed the act is thinking now? I don’t think he will be allowed to play hockey again.

It is weird because media is making it out to look as if it was a freak accident, although there is a police investigation under way.

Here is a closeup in slow motion of the incident. No way was this a accident!

The player who killed Johnson is named Matt Petgrave

This is also telling as to why the media is not saying much. He is black!

I can believe that media is defending this murderer. What disrespect and disgraceful society has become!

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I guess if you are black , you get all the slack ! :confounded: :astonished:


Wow! A new slogan for blacks who can get away with murder! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


This is the first video of its kind that is telling the truth. Media refuses to speak about possible murder charges


More total bullshit about racism the typical black excuse for their bad acts !!!


Yes, he needs to be charged! There is no doubt about his intentions

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Blacks are a protected class, that is why Ashli Babbit’s murderer has gotten away with cold blooded murder.

It’s time for that bullshit to end ! We all should be a protected class .


On a lighter note; there is hope after all!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Apparently an arrest has been made and Matt Petgrave is being charged with Manslaughter now by UK police.

Should be interesting as he’s been released on bond.

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At least he has been charged.