Hitler's Jewish generals. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Even Wikipedia makes no bones about it

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My personal favorite is Werner Goldberg.

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Not an uncommon phenomena.

And then we have this guy.

Eisenhower’s paternal ancestors can be traced back to Hans Nicolas Eisenhauer, whose surname is German for “iron worker.” Hans Eisenhauer and his family emigrated from Karlsbrunn (Saarland), Germany to Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1741. Eventually Eisenhower’s family settled in Abilene, Kansas in 1892. His father David Eisenhower was a college-educated engineer. He was an all round all American-German.


What was your point again @Didgevillage and @THOTslayer ? Maybe take your time and think this out before you answer.

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It’s amazing. Even in the most simple and straightforward threads you manage to derail them with absolute nonsense and garbage which has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

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Eisenhower was Jewish though so I guess that could be one way of making a connection to the OP however that wasn’t something you knew about and your post is still absolute trash.

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The most decorated Unit of WWII was an all Japanese battallion mostly made up of JA’s from the internment camps.

One thing I find running rampant across the whole Neo Nazi movements is an overwhelming amount of ignorance and this is a great example.

They haven’t even got a basic understanding of what consisted of the Germanic Peoples and “Greater Germany” in the eyes of the people of Germany prior to WWII.


You have a pretty narrow conceptual field of view. I might be able to recommend some book on how to relate your little bitty topics to the larger world. Like if someone says “chicken”… those with a higher than average IQ would instantly get flashes of related concepts like
Cluck sounds

But it seems that you would be limited to

I’m offering to help if you want it.

You left off “barbecue”.

Do you have a source for that or is this more of your authoritative shitposting?

That word salad you just put on the internet makes absolutely no sense and has nothing to do with the OP.

Not only the most decorated unit of WWII, the most decorated Unit in the History of the US Army.

In 1944, the most decorated unit in US military history was fighting fiercely on the European front in WW2. You’d be surprised to find out that their families back in the states were in an internment camp of all places. This is because the US’s most decorated military unit was … Japanese .

100th Battalion, 442nd Infantry

The 442nd Regiment was composed of Japanese-American enlisted men with mostly Caucasian officers. They were a self-sufficient force, and fought in Italy, southern France, and Germany.

The Japanese–Americans who fought in the 442nd were ‘ Nisei ‘, or second generation citizens, born in the U.S. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, they were initially categorized as enemy aliens. This meant they were not subject to the draft. This also lead to the internment of Japanese citizens while the war raged on. But what to do about the Japanese-American citizens who were already enlisted?

You won’t ever come out ahead trying to challenge me on the facts.

Maybe you could start providing sources to all of the nonsense that you Google before you post and we can all be on the same page.

This also has nothing to do with the OP and you are only contributing to thread derailment.

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As I said, challenge me on the facts anytime you want to but it won’t end well for you.

I don’t really care what you think I’m more enjoy getting you all wrapped around the axle. Just so we are clear your posts are off topic and generally don’t make any sense.

What I want to know is why you and your pals always want to derail threads?

All you’re doing is showing yourself to be a hate filled fool to the entire world.

Keep challenging me on the fact though, it’s entertaining.

No one cares about that anymore. We don’t care about being called anti-Semitic either. I think that’s what scares you and your rootless clique the most. We just don’t care.

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It’s pretty obvious you folks don’t care much about being exposed as fools and liars.

That’s part of the fun.

Is that a cry for help?

I think you are wanting in the “making connections” area. See if you can get ahold of any of these skill builders. They will help you see the larger implications and relationships beyond your tiny tiny first thoughts.


You’re welcome.

So now you might be able to see that when the punchline of your post or thread is about a particular general from population X in an army that was known for trying to kill people of population X that such a case should be viewed in the larger context of similar cases in other armies and other populations. Because whatever conclusion you are trying to make in your case needs to hold true in the larger context for your conclusion to be logically sound.

They probably don’t teach that in Palestinian schools with all the rocket fire going on.

The White Rose - just remember Hans and Sophie got what they deserved.