Hitler’s maid speaks out for first time (remarkable footage)…

Elizabeth Kalhammer is now 92, and she has a secret story in her past. She worked as a maid at Hitler’s private estate from 1943 to 1945. Israeli Broadcasting Corporation reporter Antonia Yamin interviews Elizabeth. This was fascinating to watch!

Great interview. Hard to imagine a sweet little old lady like that once being a loyal Nazi much less one so close to such a monster as Hitler.

She was just doing her job effectively for the most powerful and popular leader of her country at the time. She treated it like the honor it was, in the moment. It’s too easy to judge other people, even in a not too distant past, when looking at them through the lens of the present day.

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Umm No. First she was Austrian and second unless she and her family were all loyal Nazis she could have never gotten the clearances to work that close to him.

I’m not judging her, she was 19 at the time and 19yo’s are noted for having the best judgement.

Hitler was like a very successful cult leader and sucked in a whole lot of people.

There are lots of sweet little old ladies whose pasts would be shocking if revealed. People do things as young adults they would never do once they mature – especially under the duress of war or under the spell of someone who was likely the most charismatic person of the time. This one is certainly an extreme, and yes, it’s hard to imagine it. For anyone who knows me, it’s hard to imagine what I did 50 years ago, and mine is nothing compared to hers.

Quite a story there. I’m going to revisit that vid later for a second look.


It’s well worth the time.

Did she anything different from what history textbooks say?
But it was edited out.

When you have evidence to show it was done present it by all means.

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