Hitler Didn't Want War With England

Dr Henry Makow (himself Jooish) makes the following points.

  1. Hitler didn’t want a war with England.
  2. He was an active Rothschild agent.
  3. Britain and the Soviet Union were run by the Rothschilds.
  4. Hitler’s mission was to lead Germany to destruction.

While I’m in full agreement in some of his points, I beg to disagree elsewhere.

  1. Absolute truth.
  2. No. While Germany needed loans from foreign banks including the Warburg bank (a branch of the Rothschilds), Hitler let the government start printing its own money, a cardinal sin in the eyes of the big banksters.

3. Absolute truth.
4. Not intentionally.

Nazi Germany was not anti-Jooish as touted to be. Proof: There were a number of Jooish generals, even a field marshal in the German air force. Big name nazis (including Adolf Eichmann) were Jooish.
And the fallacy of “holocaust” is discussed in detail in another thread.

Everyone knows that AH was pushed into the fight with England. He only spoke about it publicly a couple of hundred times.

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It’s always good to know who is behind these posts.

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Don’t get me wrong. I’m an avid reader of Dr Makow. He is a genuine scholar/researcher and I respect his work.
(He is not as funny as Brother Nathanael who is also Jooish, though)