Historical Photographs





Building the Mackinaw Bridge.

Amazing how they could build a bridge over 5 miles long over water in 4 years and renovating 15 miles of freeway on flat ground takes 4 years.

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Here’s a video that shows historical photographs. If you let it run after it’s over, it starts again with different photographs.

I don’t know how many versions are in the collection.

I suggest you turn the sound way down…or off. :grin:

Here’s the second chapter:

…and another:


One of the earliest pics of vistors at Yosemite. A woman and her cat skiing.


Early pic of loggers felling a giant Red Wood Tree.

Do you know the difference between a Sequoia tree and a Redwood?


Two of the earliest Texas Rangers

Kit Carson

A earlier version of Jesse James when he was with “Quantrill’s Raiders”.

Wyatt Earp

Doc Holliday

Buffalo Soldier

The Deadwood Stage Coach

Johnny Ringo

Villa of Brule, Pine Ridge South Dakota

Chinese Railroad workers.

The Bob Saloon

“Wild Bill” Hickok

Henry Longabaugh AKA The Sundance Kid

Born Robert Leroy Parker, Butch Cassidy

Tom Horn

John Wesley Hardin

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