Hillary will run- Stephen Baldwin

Alec Balswin’s conservative brother, Stephen says that Hillary will run for president in 2020.
I’ve been saying that since the day after the 2016 election. She’s pathological. She won’t give up until she’s dead.
She’s our Harold Stassen.


Of course not. And the media was calling for her to run again before Obama’s first term was over. It’s still her turn. :roll_eyes:

Onw wonders- what will she do when she loses to Trump a second time? She couldn’t even make a concession speech the first time, and called on supporters to become ungovernable.

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She won’t lose to Trump. She won’t make it through the primaries. Then she’ll get ready for 2024. She can’t help herself. She’s like the alcoholic who keeps telling himself ‘one more drink, then I’ll quit’.

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She will run in 2020 with Michelle Obama as her running mate. They will cheat and steal the election with voter fraud, fake news, and censorship. It will be all down hill from there. You read it here first.

It is sad to witness.

I see the same in many college faculty and lawyers and politicians. The career is so easy for them and the ego boost so addictive, they can go on until they are medically incapacitated. They all think the system will suffer without them and it never does.

You don’t see trades, or drivers, or even public school teachers working until they drop because those jobs are actually demanding.

Medical Dr’s usually know when to call it quits, but a few stick around too long…Mostly psychiatrists.


Some Supreme Court Justices have a hard time going- Douglas and Ginsberg for example.

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We will see if sh has lost her mind or not.

I hope she does run again and gets smoked again, and it will be funny if she gets the popular vote again and loses the electoral vote again.

Seriously, she wont make it out of primaries, she is too damaged but then anything is possible, Reagan won on his third attempt.

So maybe she thinks she can do it on the third try?

She can run. There’s only one candidate on the right that can beat her. And we know his name. And the horror stories and predictions about nuclear war and a crashing stock market and concentration camps did not come to pass so those campaign tricks are not available to the left. ( recall, lefties, we have pics of children in “cages” during the Obama administration. And we will us them… not to mention the other goodies like Hillary calling black people “super predators”)

What are lib forum posters gonna do? They were so smug with their “Hilllary is taking up space in your head rent free. Hillary lost bro, move on”

And that was always funny because each and every one of them still has an “I’m with her” logo tattooed on their forehead.

She probably still has a large horde dependent on her for a job in politics, she can still raise money, inexplicably, and her running again would be simply a money machine continuing to churn.

She clearly despises many of the tasks required of a serious candidate, and that alone will keep her out of seriously running. This time around she’d have to earn the nomination, and she’s totally incapable of that.

I think that even she knows that it’s over for her, but if there’s still suckers out there, she’ll let them adore her.


One of her top aides wrote a book on her 2008 primary campaign.
A few points from it.
She’s lazy. She likes to live high on the road. Four star hotels, private jets and gourmet meals. She won’t take advice. She thinks she knows it all.