Hillary Clinton Has Finally Lost Her Mind!

Suspected? These traitors have been known about for years. Clinton is the reason China can hit us with nuclear weapons. They literally made it possible for China to buy the satellite tech from us to make that possible.

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I hope she wins the nomination again. It would be HillArious to watch her go down in flames to Trump again.

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I don’t think she is running!

I think you know what I mean, lets not make this about mere semantics!

Grow some thicker skin cupcake. My comment had nothing to do with you. Why must you make everything personal?

Yet… . I still half expect her to declare that she’s been drafted to run again. Why else would she be sticking her fat face in front of every microphone or camera she can find?

Were you not responding to me? You are telling me things I already know! So redundancy is a little overkill don’t ya think pancake?

I don’t think she is running again. Why? Because guilty dogs bark the loudest!

Simmer down there pumpkin. You’re derailing your own thread.

Yeah! OK ■■■■■ Latte!

I have no doubt she’s running again. Sadly, there are still quite a few people who would be dumb enough to vote for her. Again.

I’m not as hopeful. Never get between a Clinton and power.

I will bet you a hundred bucks that she isn’t! She doesn’t have the financial support and she is a pariah to her donors who are still smarting the millions of dollars that she lost and at this point with so much legal jeopardy surrounding her there is no way people are going to be flocking to support her! Case closed!

Yeah I just don’t see it. What is that saying? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me? I think her donor base might think twice about throwing their money at her.

I think the Democratic Nomination is going to come down to Biden, Sanders and Buttiege. Maybe Bloomberg might still decide to get back into the race, so who knows about the third candidate. Bernie? Ha!

She doesn’t need millions flocking to her, all she needs is a few of the big bundlers and major lobbying groups to get behind her like they did in 2016.

She’s more of an attention whore than even BC was so I wouldn’t put it past her to try.

Yeah but you got to consider who her donors were. Her campaign was the most expensive in American History. You really think she will be able to garner the same support as 2016? I just don’t see it! I don’t think people want to touch her with a ten foot pole!


Looks like she’s still making the rounds along with her husband and making plenty of money giving “speeches.” But hey, nothing to worry about, I’m sure.

Best evidence Democrats don’t believe Russia stole the election from her if you ask me. If they really believed it, they would be demanding she get another shot, not tossing her aside like the loser she is.


She’s already fooled them twice and she still has high favorability ratings is still in the 40’s and certainly much higher than that with democrats. She’s also got nearly 100% name recognition which is huge in the early going of any election .

Can’t argue with that. Democrats don’t really believe half the crap they espouse and swear to be true.