Hilarious – Mnuchin Vs Maxine

This is how absurd the Democrats are! Mad Max has the gavel! Hilarious!

Keep that crazy bitch taking for a few more months lol

Man, she’s got some crazy eyes.

It’s almost like Maxine Waters has never had the opportunity to sit in a business meeting with an important person before. She apparently doesn’t realize that people who actually have things to do try to manage their time appropriately.

I think the cabinet should stop attending these meetings. Obama officials would refuse to testify all the time and nothing would ever happen to them.

Ben Rhodes is the perfect example of this.

Maxine Waters is an idiot. She gives black people a bad name. She and Hank Johnson make a great pair…Dumb and Dumber!

The minorities that are coming in fresh to Congress aren’t exactly giving their people a good name either.

Just look at that rat Mnuchin hate answering to a Black woman.

Put them in jail Auntie Maxine! That would destroy their God complex.

Yea keep talking lol

When you think you are the most important person in the room… well the picture paints itself :wink:

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Based on the Barr testimony today that scenario seems unlikely.

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Good Gawds. Who wouldn’t want not to have to look at that crazy, bug-eyed mental midget. :nauseated_face:

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“Don’t you dis me, you cracka! I got de gavel!”

Maxine is an idiot.

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