Highlights of the AG William Bar hearing on Capital Hill

What took place today was not only disgraceful on the Democrats part but despicable! When I watch this, I now more than ever know why I vehemently hate Democrats!

Here are some great moments of Bill Bar!


I watched most of the hearing, and it was breathtaking the hubris of the Dems. This mimicked the Kavanaugh debacle, but was in some ways even worse.

It was worse. This so cringe worthy that I almost smashed my device while watching it. Its rather astonishing to watch Democrats lie at will! Nadler, that fat POS, is a worthless cksuker who I hope suffers a justifiable retribution that renders him to the most humiliating experience with no quarter given.

“Reclaiming my time” BS!

I hope that Barr, now realizes he can’t be nice to these terrible people.

They know what’s coming! The Marxists filed articles of impeachment against Barr three weeks ago because he stated that the Durham report will be completed before the election. Essentially, trying to discredit him before the Truth is being released to the public. I know this for a fact, as a friend is in Washington currently working with a specific group of people getting ready for the grand expose of indictments.

We needs tanks in the street and ALL the sedition-politician arrested…yesterday.

When dealing Obama’s appointed judges these things have taken time for meticulous details to be addressed in order to leave no loop holes to chance. Look what happened with the judge in the Flynn case? Classic example!

I can’t believe that this happened!

All the more proof how Democrats just outright lie about everything!

“He was so disrespectful as he talked over everyone” What a load of crap! He repeatedly was interrupted from answering questions!

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