Highland Ranch CO Shooting

Big shocker, it according to what just came out on the news instead of two teenage male actors it appears it was an 18yo male and a younger female juvenile.

While not unheard of, there have been female school shooters in the past, this may well be a first where a “couple” attempted a mass shooting at a US school in recent history.

There have been “couples who kill” in the past, this may be an anomaly in the world of school mass shooters.

Details are still sketchy but one of the shooters is due in court today and the second will certainly appear soon as well. Once charges are filed the Juvenile’s name will become public.

Sad to see this turn of events but with the “struggle for equality” I guess it was inevitable. Yippee for modern feminism I guess.

I don’t care what their names are or to see any photos of their childhood years. That’s all they want…notoriety.

Unfortunately it’s unavoidable. I wish more networks would Follow Fox’s lead and not give them the notoriety they crave.

Maybe the “female” was really an XY person confused as to their gender.

Maybe, just maybe some day someone will figure it out, it’s not the gun but the mental health of the people committing the crimes.

Until we address the hate and mental instability in our government, society, this will continue.

Modern communications is largely to blame as well.

A lone nut in his mother’s basement or two isn’t really much of a danger. When they have whole communities online of people sharing similar sick fantasies of going out in a blaze of glory and/or feeding their hate the decline into madness and murder is accelerated by many fold.

Media glorifying the killers is a big part of the whole equation as well.

Devon Erickson, a registered Democrat, expressed hatred for some Christians, and shared posts criticizing Donald Trump and praising Barack Obama,

“You know what I hate? All these Christians who hate gays, yet in the bible, it says in Deuteronomy 17:12-13, if someone doesn’t do what their priest tells them to do, they are supposed to die. It has plenty of crazy stuff like that,” he wrote in one Facebook post a couple years ago. “But all they get out of it is ‘ewwwwww gays.’” In 2015, Erickson put a celebrate pride filter onto a Facebook picture.

devon erickson

This is the suspect’s profile picture on Instagram:

devon erickson

One has to ask, where were mommy and daddy. Why didn’t they see the signs?
Where did they get all the hate?

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Trying to be their kid’s friends instead of parenting.

Highlands ranch is a wealthy community in Douglas County.

This current generation raising children are more interested in things than children.

Dogs have replaced children in HR as thy can go away when they tire of them. We have numerous neighbors just like that.

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Seeing some of the interviews there are some of the parents of kids at Highland who also went to Columnbine and they are only about 9 miles apart.

A big thumbs up to LEO’s who arrived within 2 minutes of the first call and immediately entered the building to seek out the shooters and very quickly brought it to an end.

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We have purged God from our culture in a theophobic frenzy.

Now we have no grounding, and morality is whatever someone’s personal reality dictates it ought to be.

None of our intelligentsia will admit that the absence of God is a problem. Many will actually celebrate it. And now we reap what we have sown.

Just blame the gun.


It is puzzling that they;

  • consider God to be a fantasy.
  • believe that gun confiscation will eliminate gun violence. (a real fantasy)
  • ignore history regarding populations of nations that have been disarmed.

Kids are always a reflection of their parents! Absence of love!

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Usually but not always. Some kids simply rebel no matter how good their family situation.

I’ve seen good kids come from terrible family situations and bad kids from the best of families.

These days kids are raised more by social media, music/movies/TV, and their friends.

Even in the best of families the average parent spends no more than one to two hours of “quality time” with their kids per day on average due to both parents working, school, extra curricular activities etc.

Yeah, my kids were wanting to see the previous Avengers movie, which was shown incessantly with the recent new release.

After reminding them that we don’t often watch that crap… I sat them down and explained how there were zero Christian characters, sympathetic or not, and that after ostracizing the True God, they had to bring in aliens and false Gods just to make the plot-lines interesting.

I find it amazing that few notice this.

But we know they don’t really blame guns, they just want more control to do more evil.

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A movie should be for entertainment only especially one built on comic books from the 50-70’s.