High School Football Players Suspended For Flying Flags to Honor 9/11 Cops & Firefighters

Their only crime was waiving the American Flag!


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Getting so tired of hearing about this crap! Can we punch the administrators in the face? I know, I know, violence isn’t the answer, but in this case I will allow it! For crying out loud! Who do they think they are offending? If there are sensitive snowflakes out there triggered by the American Flag, a symbol of freedom, perhaps then they don’t deserve to be free and they should get the fk out out and return to the shitholes they came from! If this is more of a case of the hard left wetting their panties at any chance at being outraged and trying to regulated freedom of speech, then I say lets freaking act the part, and round them all up and send them out to gitmo!

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It takes the intelligence of a child to figure out that the perpetrators of 911 and Antifa backers are the same.

Which has nothing to do with you or the topic being discussed in the OP!

Schools are factories for extreme liberal ideas and agendas .

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That’s correct.
There are teachers who shouldn’t be teaching children at all.

So says a Zionist shill.
Either he fails to see the connection or wants to keep the connection well hidden. It’s part of an agenda.

Just go away loser, as you can see no one here cares about your stupid opinions or conspiracy theories. You simply can’t mind your own business, so you butt your nose into subject matter that has nothing to do with you! That is what we mean as in you are desperate for attention! The moderators need to permanently remove you from this site because as I said before you offer zero value and continuously harass members here!

You are in your late 70’s and you act like a 12 year old is suggestive you have some serious deep rooted personal issues to which you should seek help for. You should focus on yourself because you don’t have much time left on this planet.

haha, I told you that first. So you’re violating my copyright. LOL

Excuse me? Who is constantly harassing other members?
And you offer much value, which is what?

Who responded to who asshat? Seriously! You are the biggest asshole here on this site which is why most here ignore you! You do very little in being honest with yourself and much more in projecting your true self onto others!

Fix the fucking title guy!