Hey Libs, This Seem Familiar?


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Stalin’s Social Policy and Impact. 1. The mass media (radio, films, television) were all controlled by the state and were only allowed to promote the Stalinist message. Stalin would not tolerate individual creativity that did not conform to the views of the state


This is what happens when fear of truth - paranoia sets in.


You got it wrong! It is China not Russia ministry of propaganda! Everything you are seeing is in appeasements to China who is behind MSM.


China also has influence in American sports like baseball, football and basketball, hollywood, and the Democrat Party! The Chinese covid19 virus certainly opened up a lot of information regarding China’s influence on America that should be a V8 smack in the head epitome to voters.

The difference here is that the press to a very large degree controls the state by controlling and being the propaganda wing of the DNC.

Same goals though and every bit as evil.

If the entire free world doesn’t now realize what an existential threat China is to it after their coverup of CCPV humanity probably doesn’t deserve to survive as a species.

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You are absolutely right on that one. When humanity becomes too dumb to live, it’s over! :woman_shrugging:

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We, as a people, tend to get what we deserve.