Here's how the New World Order is planning to kill you in the Red Republican states-bullets won't help you

People in the red republican states will be killed by:

  1. Alkaline Hydrolysis cremation prions in food from corpses of covid vaccine dead.
  2. High EMF from modified electrical lines by power companies.
  3. Vibrations from underground tremor machines operating at 120 hz resonance frequency to destroy housing, structures and bridges and make people sick.
  4. Prions from chemtrail nanobot converted covid vaccines.
  5. Economic collapse from a crashed dollar.
  6. Intentional food shortages to red-state areas.

People you have to get out of your comfort zone and inform as many people as possible if you are going to counter this. Eat local food to protect against prions. Move to safe housing or a recreational vehicle if you can. They are going to wreck all the housing.

Read this thread to protect yourself
NSA Nanobot Attacks on US Civilians-Pain generators, body control, feeling influencing | Page 3 | Health Rising’s Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and Fibromyalgia Forums

Farmers will run out of food? Interesting

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It is. The Biden administration is paying farmers to ruin the ground by dumping oil and plowing crops under. They are going to starve them out with high inflation prices and no food.

CLAIM: Farmers ordered by government to destroy crops, more food shortages coming (

Didn’t Stalin starve his people???

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This is Florida, the red state with the best educated population, the best state government and the best economy in the country. (And that’s after being located in HURRICANE ALLEY). We have little to worry about. Our brilliant governor is even sending the illegal aliens away (those sent to us by Unelected Joe.)

Starve us? Hell, we’re all on a diet. There are Golden Corrals and Pizza Hut buffets everywhere.

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Why do you keep rehashing the same shit here? Looking for attention or something? This is about the third post that attempted to rebrand but with your same rambling nonsense! You also contradict yourself making it appear that you are a very confused person and has no idea what they are talking about!