Here’s the Valedictorian speech everyone’s talking about… Student blasts ‘super drunk’ teacher…

Hmm! I can’t say I ever seen this before, but this valedictorian Student pretty much calls out the entire school for their ineptness, which only proves that this young woman has a pretty good support system that helped her navigate through this nonsense. Sadly this is the current state of our Public School Education system in American.


Ballsy kid, She ought to go far in life.

Don’t be at all surprised if the school tries to hold her diploma in retaliation or writes negative letters to potential colleges and scholarship/grant organizations.

Im sure she already got into a uni. of choice, and withholding her diploma is just asking for trouble / lawsuit / instant national infamy on top of what a shameful display of professionalism this has been.

But if they are dumb enough to do it, I look forward to how they answer this question: “So why did you choose this student to be the school valedictorian and speech giver, if she had academic / disciplinary problems?”

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If we have learned anything from the recent Oberlin College debacle then I am sure they wouldn’t even go there.

It’s been done with some regularity in recent years over VD/S speeches.

Hopefully they aren’t that petty but this is a public school.

As a teacher for fifteen years, I’ve seen more than any man should have to endure of Val speeches, but this was superb! The Principal obviously was too ‘otherwise engaged’ to bother reviewing her speech prior - unintentionally hilarious.