Henry Kissinger dead at 99

His passing symbolizes the end of the post WWII period where pax americana was the norm, financed by the Fed and boosted by the military industrial complex.

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Just another man, nothing more. Being happy about his death changes nothing.


Succinctly stated!


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Is he going to hell? How do you keep from going to hell? Is hell a figurative metaphor? Or is it a real place?

Is he going to hell? I don’t know. That is between him and God. I don’t know his relationship with God… if he repented seriously, or even if he is a Christian. One thing I do know… we will all answer in the end, and we will all get what we reap in this world.

So hell as in the place is dependent on a person’s relationship with their creator? How is hell defined?

Hell in Christianity - Wikipedia.

I am not a theologian. I do not claim to know/understand much about any of this. I’m just a mortal man that is trying to be the person Jesus/God wants me to be. I struggle every day with sin. Some days I win, some days I lose.

I believe that even the most vile people can turn from their ways, accept Jesus as their Saviour and repent, and they will be saved. So… no matter what I/any of us might think of a person, I/we have no knowledge of what is to become of said person after his worldly death. That remains between God and them.

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It appears to me that “hell” is all in your head. Protestants struggle with this state of mind more than anyone else.

Muslims and Judaics do have the concept of “sin” and “hell” but they are not paranoid about them. Judaics have the Day of Atonement once a year and all sins will be forgiven, and there’s even a prayer with which they make a deal with “God” that the sins they will commit in the coming year shall be forgiven.

I can’t speak for people with different religions, really, but Catholics have an institution of confessions where the sins will be paid in exchange for money and thus the sins will be forgiven.

Only the poor protestants have no exit from “sins,” real or imagined, and have to live with them.

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I am not a Christian but I think the definition of Hell is an interesting question. Everyone whom I ask this question to always has a different answer.


It appears to me that “hell” is all in your head.

Yes. We create on own Hell based on our state of mind.


I don’t know that either, but I think he has a closer relationship with Lucifer.

He worked as a mouthpiece for the Rothschilds and Rockefellers (mostly for the latter), and it speaks volumes. And that’s why what he said could not be taken lightly.

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It always seems the most evil always live the longest :imp:

Of course the “Gay Jay of Jizzards gizzard” would laugh at that! What a fking imbecile!

Hmmm, he is still alive, according to some sources. Or at least they haven’t officially proclaimed he’s dead.

This goes to show how valuable he still is.

What? They managed to reanimate his head in a jar?
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I am not sure I believe he is still alive.