Has anyone noticed every Republican talking head has stopped talking election fraud?

Ever since the capital protest every show I watched that talked about the steal have been silent, no more talk of stealing the election…

What a bunch of cowards! Even bannon, has deflected from talking about all the fraud that took place…

So now we have to cover up the steal of 2020 because they are scared of being taken down? Seriously?


Of course there is no discussion on the allegations of fraud.

Th impeachment is called a diversion which gets the left to inauguration day, the end game.

The social media bans are intended to slow the conversation as well as the media completely ignoring the issue.

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It’s not going to be forgotten among 75 million, just digging in to survive another day to fight.

Are you going to forget? I know I am not! I am joining the resistance and we are just getting started.


They are terrified to to talk about it, because Democrats are saying that talk Incite riots

You guys are like a bunch of trained monkeys.

It must really suck for you knowing deep down in your recesses that you will not be saved! Why else would you come back showing your true colours to insult? Passive aggression much? You will be just another statistic!

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Kevin McCarthy has to go … what a traitor

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They are all fking traitors! They belong to the same country club! It’s time to burn the whole thing down.

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betrayed us all ,\\

The old look over their tick remember most MSM are owned by the same people

The MSM are doing the some thing over here in the UK about underprivileged kids missing out on free school lunch as the schools are closed as part of lockdown to stop people thinking/talking about how this weekend the government are planning on a even stricter lockdown

Both sides are employed by the same people with the same goal they just have different messages to achieve it

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The election steal reporting has stopped… scary

Only in the legacy media will they stop reporting it, but other places will not. Change your viewing sources.

They aren’t talking about “the steal” because they know there wasn’t one. That’s simple enough…

Like who? Everyone has been threatened

Newsmax is still acknowledging the election was a sham. National Pulse, American Thinker, Conservative Tree House and few more. The thing to keep in mind is the order of the day is to go with what is being implemented and talked about as Biden is sworn in. It doesn’t mean they are going to forget about it, as there is a long way to go and anything can happen until the next election. A lot of people took off their masks now and will have to face their constituents as well as deal with the fall out of their betrayal. Believe me, this anger and the wrath to come is far from over, it just enters a new phase as Biden takes office.

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I watch a few shows on news max they have buried the election fraud… even the war room… it’s so boring now

Don’t be discouraged my friend, just because it’s not dominating headlines like we would like it to be doesn’t mean the issue goes away. 80 million know this election was fraudulent and it will not be easily forgotten or is going away anytime soon. Everybody in DC knows this too, and remember the Pennsylvania issues is still pending before the Supreme Court, so there are somethings to look forward to, even though we are dealing with mostly a corrupt system, but even a squirrel finds a nut to crack in winter. There will be some surprises along the way.


What about Detroit? Guy saw 50 thousand provisional ballots come through with the dob of 1900! All for Biden.

Omg all the shows are so boring! They are desperately trying to talk about something we could be interested in!

TALK ABOUT THE STEAL! Who cares if you get shut down.