Has anybody learned why Barr is in Italy?

It will probably never be known, unless somebody leaks.

I’ve heard no explanation. The only thing mentioned anywhere is “official business”. I guess reporters saw that on the Justice Dept. web page or somewhere, and that’s all anybody knows.

There’s mention that two Russians are there at the same time as Barr, and that this is suspicious, but still no mention on exactly what the hell Barr is supposedly doing in Rome.

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Here is a story from a source that I think our conservative friends will approve of.

I suspect there are hundreds, maybe thousand of Russians in Italy.

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Ewww, Solomon repeaters on AG site:

Said investigative journalist John Solomon last month on Fox News: ” I can absolutely confirm that Durham investigators obtained an audio deposition of Joseph Mifsud where he describes his work because he targeted George Papadopoulos, who directed him to do this, what instructions were given to him, and why he set in motion the whole process of introducing Papadopoulos to Russia in March 2016, which is really the focal point and starting point of the whole affair of the narratives on collusion.”

Whatever he’s doing, he’s on a mission and I hope it’s a play to put you out of control leftists down, globally.


He’s there looking into Obama spying on the Trump campaign. I bet that little fact just burns your biscuits.

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Can you substantiate that???

It’s all over the news. If you don’t like that news source there are plenty of others to choose from.


Yep, read every word of your link, don’t see Obama mentioned at all…:man_shrugging:

I did see where it says that Trump is asking foreigners to help discredit American intelligence institutions, and that pig criticizes NFL athletes for not being patriotic, lmfao.

Who was the president during the 2016 election? Who was the commander-in-chief? Who was the head of the executive branch under which all intelligence agencies fall?

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This has nothing to do with 2016…

Here’s a list of those who are in Italy right now.

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But you guys keep insisting that there’s some invisible, nefarious “deep state” at work, that the intelligence agencies are rogue…shrug.

He isn’t in Italy meeting with our intelligence services, is he?

I’m channeling Jean Dixon…I predict that will be the liberal mantra again when the IG report comes out showing conclusively that the American Intelligence institutions conspired to frame Trump with Russia collusion.

There are at least 64-65 million other people in Italy right now that aren’t on your list.

Holy crap! The stupid must run deep in your family!

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Whatever the ‘why’ was originally, I suspect has changed in the wake of recent events. I suspect rather than hide for cover, lay low, and avoid trouble, the gang has ramped up the urgency in trying to collect a set of ‘facts’ that will perhaps discredit Muller, or show Dems actually tried to frame the Russians, etc., and pave the way for Barr to start a formal investigation into the Dems - demanding their servers and communications, etc. This will be a big media news suck, drawing attention away from the whistleblower report, but it also may seem like a way to pry open Dem Party internal communications and wreak all kinds of havoc. Watch out, it could get really, really ugly.

What load of garbage from you! Got any more word salads to construct along the lines of moral relativism?